3 things to understand about your Company’s Website in the Mobile Age


Everyone you see today is looking down at their smartphones. Sometimes they are listening to music, other times they are watching videos, but often they are using the internet in some capacity. As a business owner, you should be concerned about how they are using their phones as it relates to your product or service. The following are three things you should understand about the mobile world of internet use.

You need to optimize your website for smartphones

Although there are several screen sizes for smartphones, all of them are smaller than a laptop or desktop computer. This means that your website must be designed for their use. Otherwise, the smartphone user is not likely to see your site displayed correctly. They will become frustrated and leave. Unless your website was recently designed, the chances are that it does not display well on a smartphone. However, your website can be upgraded so that it formats for all of the screens of every model of smartphone on the market.

Responsive WordPress Themes

You should consider an app for your business

Smartphones and apps go hand in hand. Everyone using a smartphone has several apps they use, so if you can figure out a good app for your business, there is a good chance that you can increase the sales for your company. If you have a restaurant, you can have a rewards app that gives discounts and coupons to your best customers. Retail stores can offer coupons and notifications of sales. A customized app can be designed for your customers to schedule a service call or an appointment no matter where they are. There are many possibilities. You need only to discuss your customer base with an app developer.


Integrating your business with search engines

This is critical to smartphone users. The major search engines will display your contact information such as your address, phone and website. They will integrate your location with a map function, and even tell people if you are currently open. This is extremely important for a local business. A Web Design Austin company such as Standard Beagle can help you with all of the issues listed above.

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