Give your Laptop long lasting battery with these five tips

Laptop Battery

Dealing with the power management of laptops is a nightmare as they tend to run out of juice every few hours. A laptop is made to be a mobility device which you can carry with you anywhere. If you’re planning to buy a laptop, there are many brands like Lenovo, Dell, Samsung, and these companies have various models available in the market, but all the top models are priced at high price. If you’re looking to save money while buying the laptop online, have a look at the discounts offered by some couponing sites. With these coupon codes, you can save money while making a purchase of the product or the accessories through the e-commerce sites. Due to slow development of battery technologies, there is little to no invention in that field. We will give you five tips to manage and extend your battery performance in your laptop.

Laptop Battery

  1. Adjust your screen brightness to low or optimum: This is a big deal. Most people carry their laptops with super bright displays and it drains their battery pretty quick. Adjusting your battery brightness to low can do wonders for you and extend the battery life. You can head to settings on your laptop and search for power settings where you fill find the required setting. The icing on the cake is that it will do less harm to your eyes as it will emit less blue light, which is considered to be dangerous to your sleep and health.
  1. Check your outlet vents and keep them clear: Another tip is keeping the vents free of debris and dust. Place your laptop on hard surfaces and not on soft cushions like sofas. These things mess with the airflow that clog the fan of your laptop making it to work harder and use more battery in the process. You definitely want to avoid this and if the damage is already done and you start hearing loud noises from the fan, contact your IT provider.
  1. Heat is the enemy: Heat is the enemy of your battery in any electronic device. It applies to your PC, laptop and mobile device. The smartest thing you can do is to buy a cooler pad. It will be a great investment as it cools off the device. It will prolong the life of your battery which may malfunction due to excessive heat.
  1. Use Hibernate and Sleep: You can find the settings which ask you what to do when the laptop is connected to the battery and when it is not connected. When you are running on battery power and are not connected to any power outlets, you have to choose hibernate and sleep sooner. This way, it will extend your battery life by many fold.
  1. Unplug when fully charged: Though this tip may not apply to newer laptop batteries, it is still a good practice to keep hold of. Battery life works on cycles, and a study has found that charging your battery all the time can reduce the battery life cycles. Once your laptop charges fully, unplug and discharge it.

There you go. These are the five tips that will definitely extend your battery life and maintain it at a healthy level. So, tweak your settings and apply these tips especially the screen brightness and keeping the vents clean. Also, a cool charger pad is a worthwhile investment.

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