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One thing that has changed dramatically in the past decade is the Internet Speed. At a time, we’d to wait an hour or so for downloading a film via uTorrent. Now, the same is possible even under a minute — thanks to ventures like Google Fiber Internet. But, the question is, whether we are able to afford the high costs of setting up and paying for Google’s highest-speed net. Another question is, how many of us really need a 1Gbps connection. It’s a fact that Internet speed has an evident impact on total productivity of an individual, especially if you’re an Internet entrepreneur. If you’re one of those people who spend hours in front of digital devices, it’s hard to move forward with a 1Mbps connection. What we believe is, the total productivity is not just about speed but also about other factors like FUP and stability.In this article, we can check out the different takes on the concept of Broadband Speeds Vs Productivity from an entrepreneur’s perspective.

Broadband Speeds & Productivity

Several studies are already done on the topic of Internet speeds and Productivity. From the Survey results, it’s clear that countries with better average internet speeds have better business productivity too. if we narrow down the results to entrepreneurs, the results can be more evident. We personally know a lot of talented people who cannot get a break just because they don’t have access to the right Internet resources. We also know a few people who gained better outputs after upgrading the broadband connection. After all, how would we expect a person to become a YouTube Superstar if he’s struggling on a dial-up connection?


So, when you’re an internet entrepreneur, Internet speed is something that would decide your success. And, if you’re one of those who still have an old connection, it’s high time to upgrade too.

How Better Speeds help Entrepreneurs

Essentially, everything loads faster! Isn’t that a big improvement? It doesn’t matter if you’re using a SaaS or conducting an online meeting, everything will be quite snappy. Of course, you need proper hardware to keep up with the speed capabilities. To put it simply, don’t expect everything to be awesome if you have an old PC and 1Gbps connection. It might sound a bit surprising, but when things load faster, you get things done faster too. As far as an entrepreneur is concerned, this is something big.

Things are better if your startup has an office, with a number of employees. In that case, you should confirm that speeds don’t get too low for individual employees. And a faster broadband connection can make things better. At the least, your employees won’t spend minutes for downloading or uploading a file. Of course, it offers the perks of using options like VPN. The speed has a crucial role if you have overseas employees too. For the proper functioning of collaboration tools, you need decent speeds.


Moreover, some web-based apps are way too better than traditional software counterparts. Every venture has an option to make use of these solutions, only with the help of a better broadband connection.

The Take on FUP

When you have a better speed, you use more of the Internet resources. So, there comes the concern of FUP. FUP works by throttling your internet speed once you’ve finished the specific quota. In most cases, the post-FUP speeds are pathetically lower than the standard requirements. So, when you pick an internet connection for your startup or personal needs, the FUP should be reasonably placed. To put that simply, where is even the point if you have a 200Mbps connection and a FUP of 10GB?

The Choices and Solutions

If you don’t want to compromise speeds, Google Fiber is the ultimate solution. You can have up to 1Gbps of speed. Then, there is the problem of set-up costs and availability. Currently, it’s only available in the United States. So, we don’t think many entrepreneurs — unless they are from the US — have an opportunity to get to work via the Gigabit connection.

Then, there are broadband connections. As you know, some broadband connections offer fiber internet as well. The rates are comparatively lower, but the speeds are good. However, there’s a problem of the rentals for telephone connection. Even if you don’t use those telephony services, you have to pay a certain amount. Moreover, traditional broadband connections have a strict Fair Usage Policy, which isn’t really awesome.

“Naked Broadband” is one of the best choices here, for both startups and entrepreneurs. When compared to traditional broadband, they are quite inexpensive and offer the best speeds. BigPipe, a local NZ broadband provider, is actually one of the cheapest broadband providers in NZ , with plans ranging from $69 a month to $129 a month. You can even have 900Mbps speed with the UFB Plans. The best part is that they don’t have FUPs either.

Wrapping Up

We see a lot of disruptions in the world of Internet connectivity, even in developing country. While they are quite promising, the pace should be better. It’s pretty clear that the right internet speeds and FUPs are more or less essential for every entrepreneur out there. They become a necessity if you’re setting up an office. In any case, make sure that you find an effective plan that caters your specific needs!

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