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Data Recovery

There is a plethora of options these days when it comes to choosing a data recovery software that pull your data back to life after it gets corrupted. They are very much required in a business setting where you have to deal with tons of data on a daily basis. Majority of them, though are awful with many glitches. It’s rare to find a good recovery software. EaseUS, which we are going to review now falls under the good ones. EaseUS is platform agnostic and is available for all the major platforms including Windows, Android and iOS. As with a good Data recovery software, EaseUS offers theses rudimentary functions.

Deleted recovery: Sometimes you may find yourself deleting some important data either being unconscious or accidentally or when someone is in charge of your computer, which has no backup. Sometimes, it can be a very important data that you cannot make a living without. You may even find it deleted out of the system using shift plus delete and even out of the recycle bin. That’s when you need this software.


Format Recovery: Sometimes, your hard drive may be formatted due to some reasons and your data goes missing. This feature is most needed then. This option lets you recover formatted data from your hard disk. This also works when your hard disk is corrupted and fails to function.


Partition Loss: Sometimes, you may lose data due to lost partitions, re-partitioning and system installation. This can cause a major headache to you. But EaseUS comes to your rescue and helps in fetching your files.

Data Recovery

Other data loss scenarios: There are various other data loss situations which may happen to you. Some such scenarios include system crash, hard drive error, virus and malware attacks, sudden unexpected power loss. EaseUS Data recovery free protects and insures you from all such situations making your life a lot easier and stress free. Now let us look at the various packages it come in and the pricing:

The Free Basic Version: This is much like a trial version with much limited options. This is great if you want to just try out and have the experience of EaseUS before deciding to invest on it. 2 GB is the limit of data you can recover using this package. It also supports Partition recovery, RAW recovery and import, export of scanned results.


The Pro and Pro+WinPE Versions: The amount of data you can recover using this is unlimited. Also, all the function from the basic version and more are supported including free lifetime upgrade and free lifetime technical support. The list of supported devices includes PC’s, laptops, hard drives including HDD, SSD and USB.  File types include photos, all kinds of documents, videos, audios and compressed files. The pro version runs at $ 69.95 currently while the Pro+WinPE runs at $99.90.

The Technician version:  This is the most advances and expensive version of EaseUS. It offers technician license also the ability to offer technical service to your clients. It comes at a tag of $299.


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