Asus Zenfone Live Review

Asus Zenfone Live front

The ASUS guys have established themselves a nice niche in the android world with their affordable hardware which include cool specs and their Android Skin Zen UI, of which many are fan of. ASUS churn out a lot of devices in their ZenFone lineup and their latest offering is a unique smartphone named the Asus ZenFone Live 4G.

Features and specs:

Enough of the beautification thing, now let’s talk about the real stuff this Phone packs. Released in February this year at a low budget price, this Phone packs some impressive features. It has a 5 inch display. All is processing needs are taken care by its quad core qualcomm snapdragon 400 processor, which is low end and one of the drawbacks of this Phone. It has 2 gigs of RAM and packs 16 Gigs of internal storage which is expandable up to 128 Gigs through a microSD card. A 5 MP selfie camera for your streaming purposes and a 13 MP main camera at the rear. All in all a great camera device.

Asus Zenfone Live frontSoftware:

This ZenFone device runs on android marshmallow 6.0 and comes with all the features of it. On top of that, it has Zen UI which is an android skin for ASUS to differentiate it from other OEM’s. It also comes with few pre installed Asus ZenFone apps such as mini movies, flash light and sound recorder, which are pretty helpful. This is a dual sim mobile phone with support for two Nano sims and 4G voice over LTE. All your sensor needs are met by proximity sensor, accelerometer, gyroscope and ambient light sensor.

Asus Zenfone Live Boxed

Beautification feature:

As unique as the name sounds, the phone itself is even more peculiar with a beautification add on. Recently big social networks such as Facebook and Instagram have let the users livestream themselves to their friends using the Facebook live feature. This Asus phone has acknowledged that feature and the people’s desire to look good without having to work on their make up. This Phone offers virtual make up with the beauty live app that’s been integrated into the camera app and also has a separate app.

The beauty live app offers enhancement to your face from a scale of 1 to 10 which beautifies your face completely. You look great at the scale of 10. This phone packs a 5 MP selfie camera that works really good. In some countries, this smartphone comes with a huge package that include two mirrors, a tripod and other stuff, all to make you look beautiful while going live. All these things make this phone unique and if you’re a budget YouTuber, then this phone is definitely for you.

Asus Zenfone Live Rear

The beauty app includes features such as eye enhancement, cheek thinning, whitening to make you look young and confident while making a video or live streaming yourself. This Phone is a godsend if you want to start a YouTube channel and your facial insecurities are stopping you from doing that. I have to say that Asus has identified this issue, especially among teenagers and worked towards solving that, which is really commendable.


The 16GB version is available for Rs.9999 at Flipkart and Amazon. This phone is affordable and great if you want to start a YouTube channel or for any other streaming needs. It’s a unique device but in the design front, has the same ZenFone design feel to it. The only draw back might be the processor. Go for it if you want a nice budget device but do not expect software updates.

Asus Zenfone Live sides

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