4 Ways a VPN makes your life better


VPN software or, in other words, a Virtual Private Network is the stuff hackers use to stay undetected.  Yeah, like in the movies! But you know what? You can use a VPN app too. It doesn’t take much. They usually cost as little as $5 per month and offer a new level of digital freedom.

I use VPN area but you can go for whatever app tickles your fancy. All of them are pretty much the same in terms of functionality. Do note that some are slower than others. Speed is of the essence to you, as a user.

Why people usually use a VPN?

Aside from a clean browser history no government or advertiser has access to a VPN allows for enhanced personal security. Your computer or iPhone can’t be hacked if it remains undetected.

Secondly, people use VPN apps to access the forbidden fruit. Your system administrator may have locked the access to Facebook at work or in school. With your Virtual Private Network that’s no longer an issue.

Thirdly there are countries like Iran or China where digital freedom is unheard of. People only have access to a short number of sites, all of which are under close governmental guidance. You can’t simply go online from China without breaking a minimum of 10 laws. Needless to say social media like Facebook or Twitter is under a heavy lock. A VPN is the only choice for people from these countries to openly communicate with the rest of the world.


Why’s it fun to use a VPN?

Aside from these obvious uses, a VPN can be used for fun!  Here are four cool ways anyone can benefit from it:

  1. A better Netflix. Verizon demolished Netflix speeds in the US for the sake of their own cable television. With an enabled VPN you can avoid their IPS slowing you down. Additionally, after playing around with geo settings you can make Netflix believe you are a viewer from Canada or the UK or wherever else. This will open access to new, region-specific content, meaning even more shows and movies for you to Netflix and chill.
  2. A better gaming experience. Same deal with the IPS often slows down connections for most MMORPG games like WOW and ever more fast-paced MOBA’s like Dota 2 or League of Legends. Want the level of connection like that one of that European Bastard elf who keeps killing you due to frame drops?
  3. We have CBS in America. And guess what – the world is filled with alternatives! With a VPN you’ll have access to Australian ABC or the British BBC. How cool is that?
  4. You can do some online shopping even though you are abroad. Your local sites that are only open to American IP addresses are suddenly willing to make your deliveries while you stroll down the sweet lanes of Rome or Paris.

Did I miss any cool VPN tips? Feel free to share them through the comment section below!

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