Top 5 Fitness Bands you can buy in 2017

Fitness Tracker

A fitness band or tracker is a perfect device if you are a fitness enthusiast or a novice just starting out in the world of fitness. The market is flooding with new devices lately and the technology behind this is great improving every single day. Health is wealth. Truer words have never been said. You can accumulate all the wealth but what matters at the end of the day is your health.

This guide will help you decide on what fitness tracker to buy by narrowing down the best and premium products available. Below are the five best products in this category right now. Let’s start knowing them.

  1. Fitbit Charge HR

    This is the holy grail of fitness trackers. It is compatible across all platforms and gives a solid battery life of five days. It sports a 0.7 inch LED display and weighs 22 grams. Bluetooth 4.0 is imbibed in this device. It is great for walking and running enthusiasts with accurate movement tracking. This version has improved pulse counter for more accurate calorie counting. By the way, it’s all about calories, isn’t it? Fitbit also has a great software team with regular updates churned out for all the major platforms including Windows.Fitness Bands

    The screen shows you exactly how many steps you have climbed and how many you need to climb to burn certain amount of calories, which in turn help you reach your set out fitness goals. If you are invested to hit the gym or up your running game, this product will make you achieve more.

  1. Samsung Gear Fit 2.0

    Samsung is into everything and has recently come into the world of fitness products as well. This product is available in two sizes, large and small. With a 0.7-inch OLED display and Bluetooth 4.0, it is in tune with the present tech world. It is available for Android, iOS and Windows, though it works best for android devices. It has some barometer issues on Apple’s devices. But at its price tag, it offers a lot of value. The battery of 200 mAh will let you use this device for 3 days. The curved OLED display is the major attraction point of this device.

  1. Microsoft Band 2

    With better screen, better comfort and great software, Microsoft band 2 hits the right points in all this. Eleven sensors are imbibed in this device for you to leverage. Also, for Windows users, there’s Cortana integration available. The band 2 also supports iPhone and Android though you would get the best experience if you are in Microsoft ecosystem. It is a great device to keep track of your physical goals and also tracking your sleep. It’s battery life may not be great at 2 days but it does charge rapidly compared to other fitness products. If you’re looking for similar gadgets, you can purchase at

  1. Jawbone UP3

    This product from Jawbone has a peculiar design that stands out from the crowd. Great sleep tracking features are also a part of this device. With no display, the app is where you can control stuff and get all your results. Plenty of sensors are fixed into this product. The app sends push notifications when you are about to run out of battery life. It’s battery life is pretty decent too with a week’s usage reported among many users. The Jawbone is not available for windows users.

Jawbone UP3

  1. UA band

    Under armor and HTC have teamed up for this impressive product. Light-weight design of this fitness tracker is critically acclaimed. The 1.3-inch display doesn’t impress you at first sight but the slickness of the device is something that you will love. It is very comfortable and made of silicon, which is to be acknowledged for its water resistant design. Despite its smaller touch size, the controls work pretty well. The UA band has companion apps for android and iPhone devices and is currently unavailable for windows. The battery life is 5 days.

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