Best MacBook for Video Editing

MacBook Pro 2016

In a culture that is constantly on the go, novice and professional video editors are looking for tools with portability and power. Mac has established itself as a powerhouse in the video editing industry, and many editors would not choose any other platform. With a great apple service center at every corner, Apple is prefect for editing. However Apple offers a number of different Macbook laptops, and selecting the correct one can be difficult as you are unsure how the options of Macbook compare. Here are a few things to consider as you select the right option for you. This is your middle of the road Macbook option, which comes in the single twelve-inch screen size. The design is light and simple. However, there is only one USB. As such, this laptop is really only for novice or basic video editing. While less expensive than the Pro version, it is not made for more extensive editing practitioners.Retina Display

Macbook Pro

The Macbook pro comes with greater speed, storage and connectivity. The high-density display ensures that you have the best picture quality. Additionally, you can choose from a thirteen or fifteen-inch display based on your portability and visibility needs. It also offers a faster processor than the Macbook and greater connectivity with Wifi, Bluetooth and 3 ports. There are also a number of Macbook pro accessories that can improve the editing process.

MacBook Pro 2016 Touch Bar


Macbook Air 

The macbook air is the most affordable and portable Macbook option. However, its compactness sacrifices a lot of power and connectivity. It can easily connect to Wifi and Bluetooth, but offers less speed than the other designs. However, this could be a good option for the on-the-go editor and the USB ports can quickly connect to accessories. While the Macbook pro is often the most obvious choice, you may find greater benefits from the smaller models. An apple authorized store can help you work through the options and set up the accessories you need to help you find the best option.

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