Business Intelligence Tools for Digital Marketers

Digital Marketing

Digital marketers need the right business intelligence tools to make their business prosper. Tools that are packed with functions and features that make digital marketing a breeze. These guarantee efficiency through automated repetitive processes and a fast compiling of information. Such tools help streamline marketing processes and make sure no vital piece of information is either forgotten or missed.

Here are five of the most useful business intelligence tools that digital marketers should consider acquiring:

  1. ClearSlide

ClearSlide is billed as a top sales engagement platform software that benefits not only sales and marketing professionals but customer service staff as well. Its design aims to increase sales representative productivity, improve coaching and accuracy in forecasting, and optimize sales content for a higher impact.

The software helps customer service agents have better interactions with their clients. Its intuitive platform known as “MyClearSlide” optimizes communications, sales content, and analytics. It also provides powerful coaching and better deal visibility, which are important for leadership effectiveness. Two outstanding features is its recommended content list known as “For You” and its Activity Insight Cards that assist marketing, sales and service managers and other staff decide on which steps to take next.

  1. HubSpot Marketing

HubSpot Marketing falls under the umbrella of the HubSpot Growth Stack that features two other software products. This specific software aims to simplify the generation of leads, deal closures and the management of a business’ pipeline. The business intelligence tool is intended to be an all-in-one inbound marketing application. Backed by a robust support team, HubSport Marketing provides plenty of features for lead conversion, traffic generation and quick ROI. When also used with the other two software products of the HubSpot Growth Stack – HubSpot Sales and CRM — this business intelligence tool guarantees a higher marketing impact as well as efficient operations.

  1. Compete

Compete is a software that obtains and uses digital insights for improved business within the context of online competition and marketing. It was essentially made for data-driven marketers, particularly business managers and marketing professionals, who are looking for new business opportunities, the tracking of online competitors, and benchmarking performance.

Not only does Compete track consumer behavior, it identifies marketing strategies that work the best as well as discover hard-to-find untapped opportunities. The Compete business intelligence tool is connected to “Compete Rank,” a ranking website similar to Alexa Rank. The software focuses on digital marketing through websites.

  1. Optimizely

An experimentation platform software, Optimizely claims to be an easy yet powerful tool for transforming the experiences of customers. It is designed to help sales professionals and marketers create customer engagement interfaces that lead to increased conversions and higher revenues.

Through the business intelligence tool, companies can create digital customer engagement strategies that minimize bounce rates, boost the time visitors remain on the site, and impress loyal patrons or clients. To help create the best advertising and marketing campaigns, Optimizely offers A/B or split testing as well as multivariate testing.

Digital Marketing

  1. Convertable

Convertable is a free web-based tool that tracks leads and is understood to be an inbound marketing intelligence software. The tool offers contact forms, real-time analytics, and lead management functions. It boasts an optimized contact form creator that collects useful information on customers, which is a service not provided by other typical contact forms. Convertable’s contact forms can be quickly created and pasted on websites, blogs, emails or forums that aims to gather key data for sales and marketing campaigns. It generates and analyzes information data in real-time and can also link banner advertising, PPP, organic marketing and social media campaigns.

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