Why are MacBook’s Retina Displays amazing?

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MacBooks are some of the most expensive computers in the market. Apple has been a force to reckon with when it comes to gadgets and other electronic devices. Apple came up with retina display that took the world by storm. This display is amazing and was also a major reason for the skyrocketing prices of the Macbook. But are they worth the hype?

What is Retina Display?

Retina display is a term that Apple coined and it is only applicable to the brand. It refers to having a resolution that is so good that the normal eye cannot tell the pixels apart. Usually, when a display is close to the eye, you are able to see some pixelation to a degree. Retina display started out with a special number, 300, which referred to the number of pixels per inch. This definition is pegged, not only on the number of overall pixels on the display but on the density of the pixels as well. Apple went on to include this in their phones and Macbooks.

Some of the Macbooks have lower pixel densities than what is included in the iPhone. This is because a smaller screen often requires you to be nearer to see the images. This necessitates having higher pixel densities. Larger screens are placed up to about one and a half times away from your eye. They therefore do not need as much density as the smaller ones do. all this is hinged on the fact that the eye is able to tell the difference and pick out some pixelation the nearer the screen is.

Retina DisplayDoes Retina Display Make a Difference?

Retina display does make a difference. The more the number of pixels per inch, the clearer an image is. In fact, the point of retina display is to make the image crisp. Afterwards, other brands, devices and electronic gadgets noticeably had similar technology. It was however referred to as HD and later on, 4K display. In line with this, Apple then had a Macbook with over 5000 pixels which it referred to as retina display 5K and another with just over 3000 pixels that it referred to as retina display HD.

Retina display also makes a difference when it comes to video. Still images are crisp but video images ought to have pixels that move without exposing the motion to the human eye. This necessitates the use of better and more powerful processors. In relation to this, Macbooks that have retina display have better and more advanced hardware than those that have non-retina displays.

Advantages of Retina Display

Other than making images crisp, which in turn makes gaming and watching movies more exciting, retina display is also good for your health. The clearer an image is, the less your eye has to strain to see the details. This makes for better eye care. However, there have been complains of people having eye strain because of using retina display. This can be attributed to the fact that Macbooks and most other 4K devices have glossy screens which is the source of the eye strain.

Does Retina Display Affect Pricing?

Macbooks that have retina display are about $200 to $400 more than those that do not. This can be attributed to the fact that, as mentioned, retina display also creates a need for better and higher quality hardware. This addition paired with the high quality display causes the price to shift upwards.

Foundational Principle of Retina Display

Many wonder what the difference between retina display and HD or 4K technology is. Other than the name, it is important to note that Apple’s retina display is primarily about pixel density and not just the number of pixels on a screen. The higher the number of pixels, the clearer each sub-pixel with the primary color it holds. Apple also lengthened its icons vertically and horizontally in order for them to fit just as comfortably on the new display. Having a larger number of pixels per inch therefore translates into sharper images which is not the same as having many pixels without regarding their distribution.

MacBook Pro Retina Display


Macbooks are coveted for their advanced technology including hardware and software. The retina display added to the unique features that one can find in the device. With the introduction of the retina display came a surge in prices that had users worried about whether they would afford upgrading to the newer Macs once they were released into the market.

However, most people have come to learn that the increase in price is worth every penny. In addition to this, any Macbook owner also has bragging rights because owning a Mac is something major. It shows that you are a techie who does not mind splurging a little to get the best out of what the market has to offer. Check out The Monitor Monitor for finding the best computer displays and peripherals.


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