Top 5 universal apps for Windows 10

With Windows 10, Microsoft came up with UWP (Universal Windows Platform Apps) formula. The developers can leverage their reach across different platforms like PC, Mobile, Holographic and Xbox. They can make a single app and run across different screen sizes changing minimal lines of code. The developers have got into the party recently and have come up with lots of UWP apps. IOT (Internet of things) and HoloLens are definitely the technologies of the future and Microsoft is well aware of this. We shall now look at some of the best UWP apps out there.

  1. Readit: This unofficial Reddit app is the favorite of many reddit users on windows platform. Reddit is the front page of internet. It is the social network for brainy people. This app, although not official, gives you the full reddit experience without any glitches. You can comment, vote, post and subscribe with exclusive windows features like live tiles, lock screen updates etc.
  1. Remote desktop: As the name suggests, this app from Microsoft lets you take complete control over your PC from your mobile or any other device. The Xbox one version is about to hit the store and it brings with it lots of amazing features. You can now play 4K games on your Xbox while having a glance of your PC files. This would be ingenious from Microsoft.

Universal Windows Apps

  1. Duolingo: This language learning app is a must for every polyglot out there. Duolingo is a top notch app with brilliant features that make you fall in love with the language you are learning. The engineers at Duolingo have incorporated an amazing learning curve with several intuitive features in this app. I can easily recommend this app to anyone who wants to learn a different language for their personal or business purpose. As this is a UWP, you can learn a language on your phone or while you are at your work or even while you’re having fun playing games on your Xbox.
  1. Unstream: Want to stream games? There’s no better platform than twitch and there is no better unofficial UWP app than Unstream. We can pretty much vouch by this. Twitch’s website is a mess and this app wins over pretty much anyone who tries its UI. It is definitely a superior experience streaming quality games to your audience. It also permits you to chat, follow and cast to other devices.
  1. Skype: No brainer here. Skype is one of the first UWP’S to hit the stores. Well, you can now use skype anywhere if you are invested in the windows ecosystem. With its new UI worked from the scratch, it definitely is moving towards a better experience. The last versions have been quite buggy and ridiculous to use. This is a huge step toward the right direction. Also, it introduces Cortana integration, Skype bots which are bots or specific individual virtual assistants that either help you or entertain you in one way or another. All in all, we are excited for this Microsoft app and can’t wait for more features.

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