Razer Project Valerie – What to expect from the three screened gaming laptop?

Project Valerie

How do you define high-graded laptops? Have you ever felt the need of it? Well, if you work for high projects and want to be with them for long terms, then you would like to tag a pro label at the end of the model. And, why not? Think about the 17″ 4k screens with 11.520X2.160 pixels! These kinds of screens define Razer Project Valerie well. This is where large projects are getting accomplished hassle-free.

You can carry simple laptops easily anywhere to work for emails and type up notes. These can be used for playing games as well. Now, comes the Razer Project Valerie. Not only one, Project Valerie leads three 4K screens for the superior immersive wide-screen gaming skills and experience.


These screens are found with lot of pixels that are utterly outlandish but, pretty cool. The role of having Razer defines the smoothest possible framerates of 17.3 inches in 4K. In present times, its concept is fully practical and classic view. With Razer, the screen is clearly mounted in design for a mechanical roll. However, here the concept form delivers a rigid structure.

Project Valerie

Stuff inside

Project Valerie is powerful enough to run Oculus Rift VR headsets and HTC Vive. It means that you don’t need to shackle specially to PC at home. Termed as a prototype, you can simply register your information in order to receive any updates, making Razer plans to put in full production. This is amazing with making your projects finish in one go.

Project Valerie device has the potential of making various types of users happy. These machines are fuelled by a top-of-the-line Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card with 8GB RAM, accompanied by an Intel Core i7 Skylake CPU and 32GB RAM as a foundation. This is all about graphic power as Razer has a status on constructing superior laptops.

Razer Project Valerie

However, these are not light-weight either but, pretty inspiring. Whether you work in a video-production team or in any marketing development, these types of screens are full-fledged to make all your requirements and themes into the project.  As this is a window machine, so it is not for Mac. Well, DaVinci Resolve is compatible to almost every machine.

Accessibility and Pricing

These can be the best laptops for 2017. Taking it to home after purchasing would make you the real experience of virtual and vision. Valerie is a kind of real-world product that everyone dreams of. Its availability and pricing cannot be mentioned in words. Thus, while browsing online for them, the features of every model of device would inspire you pick the first one.

This impressive gaming has become portable from last few days and considered as revolutionary that gives you easy access to visual opportunity of more than 12K desktop setups to explore at both play and work.

Razer Project Valerie

You would be glad to know that there is also three stunning high resolution 17.3 inch and 4k screens and one can experience greatest viewing notebooks. With this, you can experience liberal flexibility and workspace to tackle any work. You can easily run multiple applications simultaneously allowing tasks on multi-browsers like never before. So, get ready to experience such laptops without compromising on style or performance.

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