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Data Recovery

Data recovery is the foremost important thing for any company or Individual in business. You may lose a lot of valuable data unexpectedly through virus attacks, untimely OS crashes and hard drive damage. So, to be safe than sorry, many data recovery softwares have come up in the market. EaseUS data recovery wizard, just as the name suggests eases us off this task and gives us amazing features to recover our data for free. Let us have a look at the features it sports and all its pros and cons.

EaseUS recovers all your formatted, inaccessible and corrupted data. Let me walk you through the software in all its glory.

The UI: The first thing that impresses humans in any software is the User Interface. More than the features, it is the UI that does it for the people. Men are aesthetic creatures and they prove it time and again. The UI of EaseUS is pleasing to the eye and looks pretty on the eyes. With wide spaces and certainly, looks polished. You can hover in and around the software without getting confused.

Features: Here comes the most important part. EaseUS has all the rudimentary features covered as below.

  • It supports RAID, SSD, HDD and Server.
  • Has deep level scanning technology.
  • It supports all kinds of file types including images, videos, documents and even compressed files.
  • Supports lost partition scanning and recovery.
  • Recovery of mail is supported
  • Export and Import the scanned results.
  • Recover inaccessible, formatted and corrupted data without hassles.

These features cover everything you may need from a professional backup and recovery software.

Performance: After the features and the user interface, let’s have a look at the performance of the software.

Judging by our usage, EaseUS Data recovery free performs pretty well. The user shouldn’t find any glitches with the performance. It comes off as being pretty optimized, smooth and hassle free. Feels snappy to use.

Data Recovery

It has a great feature which lets you preview the corrupted/ inaccessible file before restoring. Basically, it gives you the choice of individually choosing which files to recover. That is a deal breaking feature to have. Also, the software is not heavy on the RAM like most of the below par-free data recovery softwares. We recommend you to stay clear of such softwares which advertise themselves as free and may even contain malwares and other viruses.

We had a look of all the pros of EaseUS data recovery software. Now let us focus on the only couple cons it has.

  • It is expensive to buy the full pro software and access the most advanced features.
  • It is available only for PC and Mac. It has to get into the mobile and wearable market to expand its horizons.

It costs 70$ for windows PC and 80$ for Mac. There’s a free version with basic features available. All, in all it is a great software to have and serves you well in the long run if you have Pro version.

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