Editing videos in your Mac made simpler with Movavi


Movavi Video Editor for Mac is a video editor software designed with an intuitive interface that allows beginners to create a professional videos by taking only minimal time. It is easy to load your video footage into the software because it supports the drag and drop feature. Movavi Video Editor for Mac allows you to edit video footage recorded by any type of video recording device including webcam, and camcorder. You can import videos of any format into the software.

Movavi Video Editor for Mac is suitable for creating videos that you want to share on YouTube. For uploading on YouTube, you may find the splitting tool useful. The scissor tool allows you to split a lengthy video that lasts for several hours into multiple short length video clips. This allows you to create a playlist that list the split video clips part by part for your audience to watch. Splitting the videos with a scissor tool makes it easy for you to upload a lengthy video.


Movavi Video Editor for Mac gives you the tool you need for removing the error part that lower the quality of your video. To delete the part that contains flaws, you must select the scissor tool and highlight the segment that contains the mistakes you make with the red marker. Afterwards, you must press the Delete key so that the highlighted segment will disappear from the timeline.

Movavi Video Editor for Mac allows you to use video clip transitions to add a personal touch onto your video. It has a vast collection of video clip transitions including cross fade, zoom, blur, featured, warp, and artistic. You can overlay text onto the video if you want to inform your audience about a message. You can import multiple music tracks and merge them together to create a single song that is playing in the background. It is also possible to record your own narration by clicking the Record Screencast button.

You have to plug in your microphone in order to record your own narration. You can click the add media files button to add a voiceover narration that you would like to add to the video you are editing. There are a few free sound effects that you can use in your video from the library of sound effects in Movavi Video Editor for Mac. The magic enhancement allows you to optimize the video by fine tuning the coloration in the video. If you want to add a slow down effect on the video, you can click on the settings tab to the left.


The settings tab is the tab that features three horizontal lines. You will see a speed slider which you can drag to speed up or slow down the playback of the video. Movavi Video Editor for Mac allows you to save the video at an optimized resolution for your mobile device including android, iOS, Blackberry, Samsung and 3GP. You can export the movie in any resolution you want including 720p, 1440p and etc.

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