Cisdem ContactsMate 3 for Mac Review


Mac is all about professionalism and its one of the most classic pieces of hardware to have been churned out. Apple sure does deserve all the credit. There is a reason why developers love developing apps for apple. When it comes to software or apps on Mac, there are tons of amazing ones by top notch developers but few stand out. One of them is Cisdem Contacts Mate 3 which is now officially out after months of intricate development. For the coming Christmas, Cisdem has 20% OFF for Contacts Mate. As you can figure out by its name, it is a contact management software for all the professionals out there. Let us have a detailed and unbiased look on the things it does and also, things it doesn’t quite do fittingly.

Let us look at some of the basic stuff it does. It also is pretty good at UI. It has a nice easy to navigate user interface that works like a charm so that you can hop and hover over things quick.

Cisdem ContactsMate

Organizes your contacts effectively:

Cisdem Contacts Mate organizes all your contacts and is swift at exporting the contacts list to different formats so that you can backup and sync to different devices without any hassles.

Cisdem ContactsMate

Groups for contacts:

It has a nice sweet feature that lets you make groups so that you can have your family, friends (school friends, college friends, neighborhood friends), work and business related contacts in different groups and make sure that you don’t mess around your contact list. This is a basic mandatory feature and it works quite good. You can have endless number of groups and it is a great option for extrovert people who are always on the hunt for new friends.

Much needed search box:

This is a pretty basic feature and it is finally available now. You can search for your contacts using their names or numbers.

Sorting fixes:

You can now have your contacts in alphabetical order finally. This should have been brought out much earlier but glad to see it finally coming out.

Cisdem ContactsMate Duplicate

Other fixes and improvements:

  • Sync automatically with Mac address book.
  • Edit and save all the information required of a particular person like his mail id, address, their work address and info, twitter username etc.
  • Improved speed with almost no lags.
  • Supports output to HTML, Excel, CSV, vCard
  • Totally supports Mac OS X and above.
  • You can also fix the contacts by merging, removing the duplicate contacts and deleting unnecessary ones. It automatically shows up if a person has two names under his mail id or phone number. This is a pretty great feature and it completely eliminates ambiguity.

Cisdem Export

Now let us look at few of the drawbacks it has:

  • The app freezes up sometimes if you have lots of contacts and try to fix it causing you to force close it. This is annoying and hopefully is addressed as early as possible.
  • Granular control is still missing from the app which might be a deal breaker for some but for many of the users, this is not something to worry over.

All in all, it is a pretty contact management software for mac and if you are a Mac user, you should definitely give it a shot.

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