Top Recovery Softwares to recover your data

Data Recovery

There are many reasons why computer data are lost. It can be due to formatting, system malfunctions, viruses or other causes. Fortunately, there are many data recovery programs that restore accidentally deleted files. The good news is that hard drive recovery is possible using these programs.

Data recovery program:

When data loss data recovery software free will show how to recover deleted files. Most programs are free that desktop and laptop users themselves can avail to restore lost data. Even without back up, accidentally deleted files are recovered as long as they still remain on disk in fragments.

Comparison of three top software recovery programs

With many recovery programs found in the market, it is wise to compare them and opt for the best one. Here are three top software programs for recovery:

  1. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

EaseUS is a data recovery software for Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh. It retrieves files from storage device, like local or external hard drive, flash drive, memory cards, etc.

Steps to restore formatted files:

  • Begin and select the file types you want to recover. Then click “Next” button to move to the next step.
  • Choose the disk used for formatting where you deleted data and hit button “Scan”. A quick scanning is started by the software from the disk chosen to discover all files targeted.
  • After scan, you can preview all the listed recoverable files individually one and opt for those you prefer.
  • Then, click “Recover” button to get them back once. Use another disk for saving files you recovered to prevent overwriting of data.

Data Recovery


  • Easy to undelete multiple files simultaneously;
  • Files recovery from drives formatted with the Mac HFS+ file system;
  • Keep intact the original folder structure;
  • Preview files before recovering them;
  • Programs are user-friendly; easy to use without confusing settings or screens.

  1. Recuva

This recovery program is developed for Windows. Recuva is used to retrieve data and files lost from flash drives in USB, players of MP3 and memory cards.

Steps to restore formatted files:

  • Open the software. Select the file type
  • Select file location. There are four situations available for your choice.
  • Scanning Process. Once you click “start” button. The scanning process will start.
  • Save the Recovered Files. Once you find your deleted files, highlight them and click “Recover”. Your selected files will be exported


  • Available in both installable and portable versions;
  • Contains a simple wizard and advanced options – perfect for everyone;
  • Offers wide range of Windows operating systems supported;
  • Portable version does not make installation necessary;
  • Recover files from hard drives, USB drives, and more.
  1. Disk Drill

A powerful tool for Mac is Desk Drill that allows you to scan your computer or other connected device for lost files. With the varied techniques used by Disk Drill, it finds and reconstructs accidentally deleted or lost files.


  • Click the drive that you want retrieved in the file deleted.
  • Make an added click beside the panel you want to retrieve files.
  • Select the remount volume as read only.
  • Click rebuild next to the volume you have just remounted.


  • Easy to use;
  • Is not limited on how much data you can uncover;
  • Works with all recent versions of Windows, include the macOS;
  • Retrieves data from other file systems;
  • Doesn’t limit on how much data you can uncover.

When a file in your computer is lost; it could be retrieved by many software recovery programs. Choose the best that corresponds to your situation. Select the best from among these top three hard drive recovery programs!

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