Should you buy MacBook Pro 2015 or wait for 2016 model?

If you are in the search for the perfect Apple MacBook, you have to first ensure which one is perfect for you.  Three great options have been thrown by iPhone manufacturers and each of it has something big in store. Talk to any tech enthusiast and they will agree to the fact that the brand has given ultimate performance with each of its gadget.

MacBook Pro 2016

The more we appreciate its features and efficiency, the less it is. You are going to notice some major design changes in this upcoming model and that makes it exciting to have and no doubt this is the reason behind the hefty price. Fingerprint sensor integrated into the power button, butterfly keyboard, and Touch ID, everything appears to be improved with this new MacBook Pro 2016.

MacBook Pro 2016 OLED Bar

Though many users weren’t loving to use the butterfly keyboard, the upcoming MacBook Pro would most probably have the same, we are expecting a thinner MacBook Pro, and the Butterfly keyboard will help to achieve it. So, no more standard keyboard in the upcoming release hopefully. Talk about the processor and it is said to possess the Skylake processor. Yes, the new Pro will be powered by Skylake Processor and is also said to have NFC chip technology.

MacBook Pro 2016 OLED

As for the display, mostly it’d be possessing an OLED display of 2304*1440 resolution. The amazing part of this device will be the 5K video compatible making the graphics more excellent.

MacBook Pro 2015

With the MacBook Pro, everyone has agreed that it has a better battery life and excellent functioning. When it comes to the display, then also, it is a win win for the MacBook Pro. With a 15.6 inch screen, the pictures appear to be sharper and larger. Though, the display is great by it’s own, a 15.6 display drastically increases the total weight of the MacBook, making it hard for portability. While the 13 inch one has comparatively less weight. Also, it is the most saturated color and better contrast in comparison to the other ones. Photos, videos, or photoshopping, color matrix plays an important role and MacBook Pro delivers it all. The AMD Radeon R9 M370X makes the photo and video editing more effective and faster.

MacBook Pro 2015

If you can’t wait for the release of 2016 MacBook Pro, look no further than the quad-core i7 CPU. The flash storage in there lets you browse a large number of libraries in one go. Among the family of MacBooks and one to be added soon, it is undoubtedly stressful to select one that suits the need as well as the budget. However, for now, we recommend going for the 15-inch MacBook Pro if one has pocketful, else opt for the 13 inch one, there’d be no great loss. And, if you can wait a little, then within 2 months there will be some more options to look for. No doubt, people are expecting a lot out of the upcoming release and the most thrilling one is the design change.

MacBook Pro 2015

MacBooks have always hypnotized the users with its smooth functioning and portability and we expect the same from the upcoming release. For now, we can either work with the MacBook Pro 2015 or look forward to the next release.

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