7 Must Have DSLR Accessories


Have you got a new DSLR camera and looking for its new accessories? The pursuit of a camera accessory takes much more than the normal knowledge of the camera.  What will work and what not? Here we have everything listed for you. Take down on the top 7 DSLR camera accessories:

  1. UV Filter

After getting a camera, this is the first thing you should consider upon. UV filters have always served a multitude of options for a camera. Scratch covers, unwanted light control, and a more balanced photo, you will get it all with the UV filters. While some of the best filters are accessible at the rate of $10, you can even avail the most professional ones at a great price.

UV Filter

  1. External Flash

Even if your camera has a pop-up flash, you should not rely on this. A concrete understanding of the off-camera flash is a must for elevating the photography skills. An external flash like Canon 600EX and Nikon SB910 can help you achieve the perfect lighting purpose. There are other off-brands also, but they tend to offer fewer advanced features and support only manual settings. Also, make sure you have few extra AA batteries, because the flashlight batteries fade pretty quickly.

  1. Reliable tripods

Even if you spend 10% of your camera price to a tripod the image quality and functionality will touch new heights. Before buying, test the tripod in person and ensure that it works the best. If your gear mounted on this tripod delivers the expected quality, go for it else, tries a new one.


  1. Shutter Release

To eliminate the camera shake, either opts for a wireless shutter release or cable. For a long time exposure, this is going to be an essential part of the purchase. Even if you want sharp macro photography or a huge coverage, this one addition can serve the purpose as you wanted. Make sure your purchase matches the camera specification.

  1. Remote Release

A remote release helps in tripping the shutter without touching. A must accessory when the camera is on tripod as it controls the unwanted camera shake. Some of the models even act as bulb timers to enable exposure timing longer than 30 seconds. The intervalometers lets you take a series of images on certain intervals and do act like a remote release.

  1. Spare Batteries

Once you have a DSLR, you will realise that it is a power-hungry device. After all, every big and small clicks you do, requires energy which makes carrying a spare battery very important for all the photographers.

  1. Camera Bag and Cleaning Kit


For such an expensive purchase, it is genuine to invest in the camera bag. In the beginning, you might not find it necessary, but as you gather multiple accessories and lenses, it becomes a must. We recommend buying photo backpacks that are easy to carry over long distances and uneven terrains. However, if you need speedy access go for side shoulder bags. Take a cue from here and start collecting your favorite DSLR accessories!

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