How Buildabazaar is a boon for E-commerce Startups


Buildabazaar helps with creation of store web pages and help showcase your product. They also assist with adding powerful widgets that can help you add banners, content, and images to an existing web page. You can also make changes to the online content using the customisation tools on the page. Buildabazaar has changed the way online sales is looked at. It gives you wide connectivity and exposure by enabling social sharing features on your online store. It has helped small and medium scale companies to get their product out to the customer without having to worry about creating a powerful e-commerce platform. They offer this e-commerce platform as a convenient hosted solution.

E-Commerce Benefits

Buildabazaar offers e-commerce hosted solutions to customers and provides a high performance platform using the SaaS (Software as a Service) model. Companies no longer have to worry about hardware maintenance or software upgrades. The biggest benefit is that it continuously updates the platform that can help increase your sales.


Ease Of Management

Buildabazaar offers a comprehensive catalog management system that helps you manage your products. They offer a very simple and easy to use web interface that can help you add products to your online store, edit product descriptions, provide stock updates, and price changes. Companies can also add multiple products and bulk modification of store product information.

Easy Customisation

One of the biggest benefits of Buildabazaar is it empowers companies to customise their web pages and create unlimited web pages to showcase their products proudly. It provides powerful widgets that help companies add banners with ease. Companies can also add images and additional content to an existing web page with ease.

eCommerceOrder Management

One of the advantage is ease of managing orders. Companies can manage all their orders with ease. They can even account for shipment and complete all orders with ease from a single panel. This ensures timely delivery and builds positive reputation in the market place. Companies can also use the advanced store admin panel to generate invoices and track shipments. They can empower their customers to track their orders and remain updated on the latest status of their order.

SEO Marketing

With millions of websites and fierce competition, it is important to get customers to your website. Buildabazaar offers optimisations that help enhance search engine ranks and help companies run online marketing campaigns as well. Companies can highlight their store with certain keywords that match their brand and products.


Social Network

Buildabazaar offers a built in social network integration that allow companies to share information about their store on twitter and Facebook. This allows companies to engage with their customers and build a brand image.

eCommercePayment Gateway

Buildabazaar also enables companies to collect online payments for their stores. These companies can collect payments using credit cards, debit cards, & net banking. It offers integration with many domestic and international payment gateways. Some of these gateways include Billdesk, DirecPay, CCAvenue, TechProcess, Axis, HDFC, and PayPal.

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