Apple MacBook Pro 2016 – Too good to be true?

MacBook Pro 2015

Competitors and alternatives come and go but Apple MacBook Pro is still a trustworthy Device. One of the high-end models in Apple’s range of Personal Computers, MacBook Pro is considered the Professional’s choice since 2006. The most recent MacBook Pro was launched in May 2015, with a bunch of superb features as well. Talking of MacBook Pro 2015, it’s a cool device for sure. With Force Touch trackpad and up to 9 Hours of battery backup, MacBook Pro is totally worth the deal. In spite of all these, we have seen enough technologies in the past one year. And, it’s okay to expect MacBook Pro 2016.

Apple fan-boys and enthusiasts have been expecting MacBook Pro 2016 for a long while. In fact, Apple disappointed them in a few events that happened. For instance, though it isn’t the custom, people expected Apple to launch MacBook 2016 in WWDC 2016. Despite the disappointments, people are looking forward to the release of Apple MacBook Pro 2016. The fact has it that the delay made people expect more from the device.

In this article, we shall go deep into main expectations from MacBook Pro 2016 release. We aren’t sure about the release date or price, but the following features are rather expected in the device. So, if you think these features are for you, you should reconsider your decision to get the MacBook Pro 2015 and should wait for the release of MacBook Pro 2016.

Newer Processors — Intel Skylake

As you know, Apple MacBook Pro 2015 are running on Intel’s 5th Generation Broadwell Chipsets. And, it has been a while since we saw the launch of Intel Skylake processors. Actually, Intel has even kick-started its 7th Generation processors named Kaby Lake. Given the shipping dates and availability, we won’t probably see Kaby Lake processors in the MacBook Pro 2016.  But, it’s natural that MacBook Pro 2016 would be running on Intel Skylake processors. Skylake processors are not necessarily meant for speed improvements. However, in the association with El Captain, the processor can be a good way to have better battery backup and optimized consumption of resources. And, we think that the battery performance must be better with macOS Sierra.

MacBook Pro 2015

Touch ID Support

This is one of the most expected features in Apple MacBook Pro 2016. Rumour has it that the new MacBook will have one Touch ID sensor, associated with the power button. If the feature is there, you just need one fingerprint press to turn on the device and authenticate it. If there is Touch ID support, Apple is going to change the way we use computers.

OLED Touch Bar

So, you are familiar with the Fn keys in your MacBook Pro, aren’t you? Well, if the rumours are right, you won’t see those keys in MacBook Pro 2016. Instead, Apple may introduce an OLED Touch Bar on top of traditional keyboard. So, instead of a set of preset keys, you will receive some software-specific keys. For instance, you may see keys that will work with Safari or iTunes only. Alternatively, Apple may bring some parts of the Dock and Menu bar to the Touch Display. We don’t know if the same Touch Bar can be integrated to the other Apple products in the time to come.

In case of MacBook Pro 2016, this rumour is somewhat confirmed. According to a leaked image received by Cult of Mac, the chassis of MacBook Pro 2016 has dedicated space for what seems like an OLED Touch Bar. In addition to these, some codes of macOS Sierra also confirm the presence of the same in the upcoming MacBook. The codes also signify that there may be a Do Not Disturb button on the OLED panel. In short, this is more of a confirmed rumour 😉

MacBook Pro 2016 OLED Bar

You May Miss 3.5mm Audio Jack

3.5mm Audio Jack is certainly the standard when it comes to audio output. It seems that Apple may get rid of that standard path. According to several rumours, you may not find 3.5mm jack in MacBook Pro 2016. Instead, Apple may use Lightning port for audio connectivity as well. The same rumour was there regarding Apple’s iPhone 7 too. So, we can see the future Apple products saying goodbye to 3.5mm and thus embracing the Lightning port once again. From a pricing point of view, this may force you to purchase an additional pair of Apple-exclusive earphones or so.

4G Cellular Support

According to a patent filed by Apple, the MacBook Pro 2016 may have support for 4G Cellular Connectivity. If the rumour proves to be correct, you may find a way to have a speedy digital life. When people are struggling to get better speeds at any time, everywhere they go, it’s a worth-including feature in MacBook, we bet.

Support for Apple Pencil

Apple Pencil was launched along with iPad Pro and it’s an awesome way to manage your iPad. With MacBook Pro 2016, Apple may bring the Pencil to MacBook range as well. According to some patent details, MacBook Pro 2016 will have built-in support for Apple Pencil. In addition, some rumours also suggest that the Apple Pencil can be used as an air mouse or a joystick. This is done through the six-axis sensor of Apple Pencil. By detecting the different movements in 3 dimensions, Apple Pencil can be used for enhanced interaction of your MacBook. It’s also apparent that Apple may redesign all those concepts of Apple Pencil to bring some new features.

A Better Keyboard

Butterfly Keyboard Mechanism may be back in MacBook Pro 2016. This mechanism is quite easy to type and flexible. It’s to be noted that some other rumours propose the idea of touch-sensitive slate-based keys instead of physical ones. This is not actually confirmed, but we cannot ever underestimate Apple, can we? 😉

MacBook Pro

macOS Sierra

In case if you did not know, MacBook Pro 2016 should be running on macOS Sierra, which is the latest release of Macintosh OS. It brings one of the biggest overhauls in terms of productivity and usability. For instance, you will have Siri in your Mac, just as in your iPhone or iPad. The OS release can also bring extended support for Apple Pay, iCloud etc. Last but not the least, this is something worthy you can expect from the new MacBook Pro 2016 when launched. After all, what’s the point of having a MacBook without the perks of Apple-made software?

Wrapping Up

So, we have covered the most popular expectations and rumours about MacBook Pro 2016. As said, there is no type of confirmation about the launch of MacBook Pro 2016. That having said, we can expect it sometime around late 2016. We have mentioned a bunch of rumoured features and specifications. Some of them are sort of confirmed while some aren’t.

For instances, chances are high that we can have the OLED Touch Bar and newer Skylake processors. At the same time, it is not possible to be sure about the Apple Pencil support or the new technology of key-less keyboard. To get the real idea, you will have to wait till the actual launch. Till then, you can use this guide to know whether you need to postpone your MacBook purchase.

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