Kindle Oasis – Worth for the Money?

Kindle Oasis

What can we say about the new Kindle Oasis? It is light, sleek, and beautifully bound in leather. Even if it is the most expensive one, it is surely a rave between the eBook readers. Why not? Having it is more like carrying thousands of books with you all the time.

This is the best reader released by an online retailer till date. No doubt it is phenomenally light, thin and expensive. But when we see at its marvellous making and features the price looks too little for that. Let’s see why users are in love with their new purchase.

  • Design

Talk about the design and looks like Amazon has put a new idea in front, the latest of its releases have nothing to do with the previous ones. The symmetrical design and trim bezels are getting appreciated from users around the world. It is a wedge shaped frame that packs the battery, page-turn buttons, and circuitry buttons on one-side. If you want to replace the heavy book of Harry Potter or Game of Thrones, then do it with this eBook reader, a perfect pick for one-handed reading.

Kindle Oasis

  • Build quality

The thickest edge of the Kindle Oasis measures 8.5mm and thinnest side of it measures 3.4 mm which is clearly thinner than all the books you have. What it weighs? An unbelievable 131g or 4.6oz. This is what makes the difference when you have to read the book one handed. Reading in bed, bus or a [public places, every sort of reading is possible with this new edition of Kindle. No doubt, Amazon is charging for all the comfort it has given to the readers.

To beautify your new gadget, it has a classic leather cover; just like the covering of your old books it surely protects your precious gadget along with providing a great look. The magnet at the back keep the cover in place and so you don’t have to worry about it being flapping.

The most amazing part about this reader is – you have to really charge it. According to Amazon’s claim, the battery can last up to several weeks. Connect it to the leather cover case and see how it works. Altogether you will not have any issue with the battery life while reading.

  • Specifications and Usage

What worried the readers were – there was no change in the pixel display. The same 300-pixels-per-inch display found on the other Kindle readers too. With 10 LEDs pocketed in the Kindle Oasis, it creates a uniform lighting display.

Kindle Oasis

Just one swipe and you can start reading, even the page orientation changes with every single touch. In the end, the major part of the gadget remains same, with the same software used in the previous version of Kindle release. It’s Kindle OS, version 5.7.4 with features like family sharing, Whispersync, X-ray, and World Wise. When you read there is not going to be any distraction like WhatApp, Facebook, and emails. Altogether, it is the safest reader available in the market right now.

If you’re an avid reader, this gadget would be worth the money. Let us know if you’ve any queries.

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