How to Make Money Writing Essays Online

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Writing essays online is also known as freelancing. Freelancing is the creative work which needs a dedicated effort and lots of creative ideas. As, there is a huge demand for the freelancers in the market, getting the highly paid freelancing jobs are also not easier. It takes a bit of time and lot of efforts to establish you in the market as the freelance writer.

But, for all these you need to start. So, question comes how to become the freelance writer and make money online. So, firstly you need to set up the goal that what you need to do to become a freelance writer. You need to think that how much money you have to make first year, second year, and then third year and so on. You need to set up the long term goal and then you need to set up the bar that what services you can provide to make that much bucks.


What should be the area of interests?

It is very difficult to find the interest in the business areas, that what would be the preferable niche which will comfort you and will enhance your writing skills. So, you need to question yourself first and then find out the suitable area of interest for you.

What are the various writing opportunities available?

A writer knows about its limited areas, but there are several areas where the writer can showcase their work.

  • Article writers – You can write the short stories or the essays as the non-fiction writing. You can earn well and gain lot of information about the existing trend in the market.
  • Academic Writers – Academic writing work involves lot of research work where you will get the job of writing the thesis, academic papers, and lot of writing stuff related to the academics. You will be given a deadline and within a deadline if you deliver the work then you will be paid.
  • Columnists – Being a columnist is a tremendous task and you need to be keeping yourself updated with the following trends in the market. You can publish your column in the magazines and the newspapers.
  • Business writers – Write the commercial magazines for the business readers. As, the readers are highly stable financially, so you have to be strong in the area of writing which you opted for and be proficient in language. So, this job is not for the amateurs, if you have got that talent in you then you can go for it.
  • Freelance writers – Freelancing is for those who like to do the writing work as their passion and part time work. So, whenever you want you can take the break and then come back again to the work. Also, you can manage multiple works at the same time.
  • Ghost writing – Ghost writing is the challenging work, where you have to write for the people. Basically, for the business leaders who have the high followers profile with them. IT requires lot of research and then lot of skills. The pay scale differs from the profile to profile for which you are writing for.

So, as you see that there are lot of writing works available online, first you need to set your mind that what is the best you can give to the customers. As, the customers are the one who is going to rate your work and pay you depending upon your work quality. Essay writing requires lot of hard work and the creative effort which needs to be moulded and learnt by the time. There is various kind of work which is available online which will definitely suit your interest. You just need to click on the right button and start your dream work.


Essay writing is the best work in the present time as you can give your efforts to the extent and can get the return depending upon the skills you have. You can try out for various writing jobs and master it with the time. As, the competition is huge and the jobs are only given to the trustable source. So, you need to find out the suiting work for you and then go for it. Give time and set the long term goals which can suit your interest. Also, make sure that you give your full efforts while writing essays for money online, as it is the creative work and it needs to be done properly in order to win the trust of the client.

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