How to Make Money Writing Personal Essays


Writing is one of the easiest ways of earning money. If you are fluent in English, have a good vocabulary and like to write essays, you can earn money easily by going online on the internet. Internet has provided people with various opportunities to earn money. These opportunities are provided right at the fingertips of people.

Some people would prefer writing or publishing a book, however that’s the path that most of the writers go to, and only a minority is able to make it up to the best-seller category. If you are a casual writers that’s a good approach, but if you wish to earn money, writing books can be lengthy and tiring process, which will not always be able to garner you the profit you want.

Earning Money

A majority of the writers, based at home, earn money through freelance writing. A decent freelance writer can make money through average writing skill, and a good business sense, while it can be harder to achieve this with the reverse combination. If you’re excellent at both, that’s the best ideal case scenario.

Today, a number of outlets and genres are available in which writers can freelance in. They can easily earn occasional money, or work for a part-time income. The kind of work you do depends on your style of writing and area of interest. Writers can go for general topics, technical topics, fashion topics etc.

Content Writing

Personal Essay Writing

Essay writing is a great way of making money, especially once you become a good figure among your clients.  Learning the art of personal essay writing will help you make much more money, while you can be as creative as you want in it. Personal Essay stories are usually true life stories, which are published in themed collection. They focus on a particular life event, which you had experience at one point, and are written from a reflective, emotive slant. Most of the publishers would want to publish this type of story, written with this specific style. Due to this, the same story is published by different publishers; hence you make money more than one time.

While there are a great amount of websites available online that can offer you work, sometimes the writer may just not find the right job. In this case, a person can write a personal essay. A personal essay combines of various writing elements, writing styles and a story that can stir up emotions of an individual. A number of websites are ready to publish these type of stories on their websites, and they pay you for it. Once you have mastered the style of writing a personal essay, there are no websites, which will deny you. They will be seeking for more essays from your side, and you can earn money through one essay, more than one time by posting it on other websites as well.

Personal Essay Writing Benefits

There are various benefits of being a personal essay writer. Few of those such are enumerated below:

  • You can work on your own conditions. You do not have to follow a specific deadline while writing one. It can be as lengthy as you want. No terms & conditions must be followed while writing one.
  • There are no restrictions on your time. You can write on a part-time basis, without having to upset your basic schedule.
  • You can share your life experiences with other people. You can inspire people in a positive way by writing one of your success stories.
  • You can write in your own style, with your own preferences.
  • You can choose what to mention and what not. You have complete control of the content you will be writing.

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