HP Spectre 13 – Thinnest Premium Notebook

HP Spectre 13

HP continues to draw attention again in the PC market, when they announced about the world’s thinnest laptop. They have named their thinnest laptop as HP 13 or you can call it as a HP Spectre. HP revealed that this 13 inch HP Spectre is just 10.44 mm thick which is way thinner than the Apple’s Macbook which is 15.2 mm thick and Apple Macbook Air which is 17 mm thick.

Now, one might think that it is just some mm thinner than the competitor’s laptop, but there are no touchscreen, no 4k display, and no twisting body. It is made strong enough and stylish too.

HP Spectre 3


If the laptop has the Core i Processor than there are chances that the laptop have to deal it with the heat and the battery problems. But, HP has merged the heat pipe which will distribute the heat dissipated and two fans are inbuilt which will throw the air out. HP have built the thin unit inside the PC for the battery and it gives the 9.5 hours of backup which is lesser when compared with the Mackbook Air.


This has been the premium laptop revealed from the HP and they have come out with the HP Spectre. The whole body of the laptop has been made with the dark gray aluminium. For the contrast purpose, there is the large bronze piece along the edge. This time they have come up with the angular logo at the back not the circle one which you are used to. To the either side of the keyboard, you will see the speakers which are fir inside in the triangular style.

HP Spectre 13

When it comes to the outer body there are three USB-C ports and the headphone jack, so now you can enjoy your music on the go. The keyboard is a bit stylish and it is quite deeper so now you can enjoy the natural typing. On the other side the trackpad is quite smaller but it is adjustable. HP has decided to take the pre-orders of the laptop on April 25th.


HP has made its way again in the market with their innovation and after launching the HP Spectre 13 they have brought them back to the race of the laptops. After announcing, that the HP Spectre 13 is just 10.4 mm thick they have made it pretty clear that it is the world’s thinnest laptop after Apple’s Macbook.

HP Spectre 2

Also, for the higher performance and to avoid the heating issue they have inbuilt the heat pipe to distribute the heat and the cooler fans to throw the air out of the laptop. The body layer looks good and the bronze aluminium body give it a stylish look. Also, the angular logo at the back gives the fresh feel for the HP users. So, all I can say is that they are on roll for the competition with this HP Spectre 13.

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