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Signal Booster

Mobile signal boosters are the ultimate solution offered by electronic and telecommunication engineers as a timely solution for issues like call drops and slow internet connection that arise due to poor signal levels of the nearest tower (BTS). When choosing the signal repeater, there are few basic points to consider before purchasing, such as:

  • Career(s) and network needed to be supported
  • Coverage zone
  • Outside signal strength
  • Budget allocation

This article has elaborate more on the above aspects as follows.

Each mobile amplifies a certain specific range of microwave frequencies used by a specific network provider for transmission purposes. And also you need to choose a carrier or multiple-carriers like GSM, 3G or 4G LTE. So at the very beginning you must decide on the exact frequency you need. In other words, you have to first determine the network provider and the carrier(s) to choose a supporting repeater. The best booster search form you can find at MyAmplifiers.Signal Booster
An omnidirectional antenna would be the best if you need to amplify multiple-carriers since it can transmit and receive signals from all the directions at once. Yagi directional antennas are ideal if you need only one amplified carrier as it is capable of aiming for the nearest cell tower and receiving power greater than the power received by any omnidirectional antenna.


Then you got to have a rough idea about the size of the zone that is needed to be covered by the amplified signals. Both the required signal strength and the zone area of the building, room or office will determine the power of the mobile signal booster you ought to purchase. If the entire coverage zone is in one floor it is best to stick to a dome antenna. On the other hand if you need to cover multiple floors, a panel antenna would be the best. In addition, there are vehicle signal boosters that can be found in ground based vehicles like cars as well as water based vehicles like boats.

Outside signal strength is another aspect that is needed to be accounted when deciding on a booster. Always remember if the outside signal strength is week you have to try a repeater with a higher power to boost the signal to the required magnitude.

Amplify mobile signals

Finally, compare the quotations from different reputed companies and agents of well known brands to decide. Keep in your mind that the cheapest is not always the best. Enquire about customer care services and after sales services before the purchase for a more satisfied experience in the long run.

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