Unblock websites with SmartDNSProxy


You might have noticed that sometimes you are not allowed to stream content from websites which are not from your region. So, if you live outside the region then you are not permitted to view the content out of your region. Content is basically blocked because of the laws and legalities which is related to the broadcating rights. But, fret not, the Smart DNS Proxy server allows you to bypass these restrictions and unblocks websites which will allow you to view the content and enjoy the TV shows and movies in the HD quality.

What is Smart DNS Proxy Server?

A Smart DNS Proxy server enables a client, it can be either mobile device or computer, which allows you to access the restricted region content from anywhere in the world. A connection between the site which is serving restricted content and the client has been established through a proxy server and it is located within the approved areas for the streaming of the content. It does not encrypt communications unlike the VPN server and it does not direct traffic too.

Advantages of the Smart DNS Proxy server

VPN’s generally drop the speed of the internet connection but DNS proxy server does not. Let’s discuss this in detail:

Speed and efficiency: Smart DNS Proxy server allows you to stream or download the resticted content more fatser than VPN because it just re-routes the small portion of your traffic through its server.


Compatibility: VPN needs the complex system to establish connection between the client and the content site. But, the Smart DNS Proxy server allows you to establish connection through the mobile phone, gaming consoles, and laptops.

Easy to setup: Smart DNS Proxy server doesn’t need the hard code installation on your device. It is very easy to install as it doesn’t need manual configurations to install on your device.

Cheaper than VPN: It doesn’t cost ypou much, actually it is much cheaper when compared with the VPN .

Some features of the Proxy Server

Smart DNS Proxy server allows you to continue with the 6 unblocking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Also, it allows you to unblock the 133 video and music streaming websites. It has the 4 DNS IPs which acts as a load balancer with the 400 servers installed worldwide to give you the best unblocking experience.

When it comes to the privacy and security, obviously it doesn’t provide you the security as it is just a Smart DNS Proxy provider.


The Smart DNS Proxy server website is clean and well built as it is easy to navigate between the various options. Also, the social netwroks are up to date as they post regularly about their offers and services.


If we see overall, then the Smart DNS Proxy server is the best service to unblock websites using DNS, as it is very easy to install and it is much cheaper than other DNS provider. Also, it providers you good support and great speed as it doesn’t hinder your connection speed at all.

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