Best VR Apps to use with your VR Headset

Virtual Reality

A virtual reality headset isn’t easy to purchase because of the price tag it carries, but we are talking about those VR headsets that come with their own display and have a lot to offer. For starters, there is Google Cardboard and such similar wearables in affordable price. It is much better in a way, because it doesn’t matter if you have a super strong PC or not, or if you have a powerful smartphone, because Cardboard works with any Android phone running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and later.


This is a cool VR simulator that gives you a feel like sitting on an actual roller coaster. Interestingly, it takes your through a journey where you see building and skyscrapers, and if you turn around, you’ll notice your partner screaming while moving. Don’t look down, it could seem a bit frightening. There are some alternative apps with similar experiences in different places.

Dive Deep

You don’t need to wear a weatsuit to get into the ocean, and you are assured of being dry while you swim among fishes, sharks and whales, exploring how the underwater world is. Although it might not perfectly mimic it, the work done is good for you to spend some time and not realize that you did.

Zombie Shooter VR

This is one of those rare VR games that doesn’t require you to use any joystick or even touch the screen. As the name suggests, it has a gun and there are zombies coming towards you. How do you shoot? you just have to aim with the head giving directions and you kill the zombies.Virtual Reality



JurassicLand is a unique VR app that gives you an experience like moving on a jeep in Jurassic park. You have two options here, either the free app or even a paid version that promises more entertainment, and when you actually have bought the cardboard for some entertainment, no harm in spending some money for good content, right?

Titans of Space® Cardboard VR

Titans of Space VR app is a short guided tour of our planets and a few stars in virtual reality. Mind you, with this app you will need to have a good smartphone with decent specifications as the frame rate has to be maintained well and it requires a good GPU. There is a lot that you can explore in this app.


A mass of evil robots are being sent your way, and you have to test your skills trying to tackle and score points. The controls are easy, you get to see the standard plug and play options, good 3D graphics, and there is actually a paid version of this app that does a lot more.

VR Flappy for Cardboard

Heard of Flappy bird? You probably might have. A very simple game but an addictive one. How about that on your VR headset? It does get addictive but it still isn’t perfect so you can spend some good time playing that before realizing there are several other options to try out. But, you shouldn’t miss playing it at least once.

Virtual Reality

So, these were some of the very cool VR apps that you can download for free in your Android smartphone if you bought a Google Cardboard or a similar VR headset. Article written by Chetan Bhawani, who is a Dentist, a Tech blogger who runs Gizmo Times.

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