Wireless Point of Sale System: Pros and Cons

Wireless Payment

Are you thinking of getting a wireless point of sale system but are not sure if it is worth the investment? Are you hesitant because you do not have enough information to make an informed decision on whether it is something you want to use or not? This article will help you answer these questions and more in your decision-making journey.

We’ll be showing you the pros and cons of using the wireless POS system. That way, you can make a decision based on hard facts.

Pros of Wireless POS

  • Increased Employee Efficiency

Now more than ever, there is much emphasis on employee efficiency and productivity. Employers require more of their sales staff, their waiters, and other staff members.

Having a wireless POS system can help drastically improve staff efficiency by allowing them focus on clients more. For instance, instead of a waiter having to confirm if something a customer ordered is available in the kitchen, they can easily check their mobile POS to see if it is available instantly.

Wireless Payment

  • Improved Customer Service

The more you know about a customer’s preferences, the better your chances of satisfying them. After all, your business would not exist without its customer base.

A wireless POS can help you quickly identify customer preferences, particularly if they are frequent diners. Then, you can also use the same tools to suggest an alternative option that clients could enjoy.

  • Increased Productivity

This is done through the tracking and managing of inventory. Wireless POS systems can easily identify what is in stock and what isn’t. That way, companies will never suffer any shortage of vital items.

If you are particular about how many sales you are making or how many new customers you’ve signed up, you can get all that data from your wireless point of sale system too.

  • Replaces the Cash Register

Having your customers wait in line at the cash register is not a smart idea anymore. Everyone is busy and wants to move on to the next thing as quickly as possible. Having a mobile POS system, in combination with efficient queue control (for example some cafe barriers),  means that you can quickly take, fulfill and accept payments remotely within the establishment.

If a client wants to pay for something, all they have to do is give their card, you swipe it right there and then, they confirm it, you print out their receipts, and you are all good. It also works for providing their bills. It is excellent for speedy and quick sales.

Cons of Wireless Point of Sale System

  • Complicated Screen Designs

This makes it look like the user is not paying attention to customers when they are talking to them. However, the person using the system has to be sure that they enter the right information as the screen is not easily navigable. The good news is that if it is properly mastered, the employee would just look like he/she is taking orders or notes on whatever the client wants.

  • Cost of Acquisition Might be Steep for Small operations

This is a major issue for many small establishments. The system setup and running costs can be a bit steep for small organizations. However, it is possible to find POS vendors whose rates are affordable.

Now that you’ve weighed the pros and cons, you can hopefully make a more informed decision. As far as we are concerned, any tool that improves customer/client relationship and increases workplace efficiency without the attached prohibitive costs is always a great idea.

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