OnePlus One vs OnePlus X: Battle of Budget Phones

OnePlus X

When the battle of the cheap phone better performance comes, OnePlus rules it all. This is all about value for what you pay. When OnePlus One released, it got an awesome response. The market was taken away with the build quality and the 4k camera introduced. And then slowly the OnePlus Two released with an awesome hype. But it was out of budget for few people. And then within six months the OnePlus Two released, OnePlus X released for all the budget geeks out there. They released a device that can beat out in every prospect you think of with some exceptions. And here’s what it’s all about.


Comparing the two, OnePlus X scores the best with the highest resolution of 441 ppi comparing with the 401 ppi of the One Plus One.One Plus X is a 5 inch full HD display which is the reason for 441 ppi. Whereas OnePlus One is 5.5 inches with 401 ppi.Anyways the 40 ppi doesn’t seem much of a difference and is unnoticeable to the naked eye.But the outside display is beautifully carved with metal edges and glossy front and back design. Which is supported by Gorilla glass 3.

OnePlus One
OnePlus One


The OnePlus One is packed with a 13MP with a f/2.0 whereas OnePlus X has a slightly larger aperture with f/2.2. And the OnePlus One has a 5MP front facing camera and the OnePlus X has a 8MP front facing camera.
Both the phones support 4k video recording and the winner here cannot be judged since both pack some similar camera spec. But looking at the front facing shooter, it’d be the OnePlus X.


The real battle is here. But there’s not much of a difference. Both packs a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor with Adreno 330 GPU and powered with a 3 GB of RAM. Looking at the battery, OnePlus One has a bigger 3100 mAh battery compared to 2525 mAh battery of OnePlus X.

Looking at the standard on board stoarage, OnePlus X clearly wins with 16 GB on board storage and an expandable storage upto 128 GB via SD card. Whereas the OnePlus One is packed with either 16 GB or 64 GB and is not expandable.

OnePlus X


OnePlus X operates on their own OxygenOS 2 which is based on Android 5.1.1 and the OnePlus One operates Cyanogen Mod out of the box and is updated to the Oxygen OS later on. Now at present, the OnePlus updated their devices to the new Marshmallow 6.0.


Here, easily the OnePlus X wins with a good camera and the body design is simply amazing. And one more thing is that only the OnePlus X supports expandable storage. And the price is comparatively less. And on top of that, we get the bigger and better battery when compared to the OnePlus 2 because, OnePlus 1 had better battery than OnePlus 2.

And one more thing is that the OnePlus X is supported by Micro USB for charging and data transfers. So if you are a fan about the new USB C type, this might not be the right phone for you,

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