CRM Features for your Business


CRM systems allow businesses to collect customer data with the aim of improving overall productivity and customer satisfaction. CRM software like bpmonline also helps companies automate all customer-facing processes while improving visibility and communication across an entire organization. What are some of the greatest CRM features that can every business benefit from?

Here are the top features that seem to have the greatest impact on most businesses:

Lead management

The purpose of a CRM solution is to manage sales and raise efficiency in the customer-facing processes. It is easy to find a CRM that includes some forms of sales management since that’s what they’re designed to do. Basic sales pipeline management is a necessary feature for any company.


But, it is important to have a CRM with extended sales and lead management capabilities, for example, one that allows you to track contacts and leads by each lead generation campaign.

Integration with social media

Social media cannot be ignored – that means that social media should be a part of your overall business strategy. CRM solutions that have integration with social networks to make it easy to involve your customers into the conversation and attract potential customers outside of such communication channels such as a website or email.

Social Media

It allows you to build a community of loyal customers and ensure that you can provide the right information at the right time for your customers on any social network.

Marketing automation

Marketing campaign tracking is an essential feature on any CRM system. It can link marketing and sales efforts together, and create a complete visual that helps measure and track marketing campaigns. Some marketing automation features include components such as email marketing automation, campaign result tracking, reporting and analytics.

Order management and invoicing

It would be much easier to sell if you could quickly create invoices and track bills from a single communication environment. Having invoices and billing as part of your CRM system means that when you look at customer details, you can view their entire billing history, and track the customer value. With such feature, you have an instrument that finds out how much value each of your customers brings for a lifetime.


It will make you cross-sell or upsell, based on the history of the products they have bought already. Order management and invoicing are not common features, so make sure that they are included into the system when choosing theproper solution.

Customer requests management

The main goal of every customer relationship management system should be reaching effective communications with existing customers who may need support before, during or after a sale. Responding to customer incidents in a timely manner is crucial to building loyalty and customer satisfaction. The CRM solution should have client support, request processing or call center features.


The benefits that customer relationship management software offers to companies is obvious. When comparing CRM applications, it is essential to understand how you are going improve your current business processes. In the end, even the most sophisticated CRM system requires a solid strategy behind its implementation.

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