Infographic: Evolution of Phones from 1973 – Present

Ubuntu Phone

A person without smartphone? Spot one, I’d reward you. That’s true, that’s the situation nowadays. Everyone in this world owns a phone, if not a high end smart phone, he atleast has a basic model. Mobile Phones play a vital role in today’s lives. Even kids aged 10 or 11 own one, and kids of age 6-7 can operate a phone better than their parents after all. Back in 1973, the first phone call was made by Motorola executive, then came large phones with antenna at top of it. Eventually size became smaller, Nokia came into the market with it’s rock solid phones. Followed by iPhones, Smartphones, and then Android for past few years. This is just the beginning, more to come. Well, what to expect? We’re seeing the advent of waterproof phones from Sony, and most flagships now come with inbuilt fingerprint reader. And yeah, LG, Samsung have started launching phones with flexible or bended displays, Ubuntu/Firefox OS phones even. This could be a gamechanger, phones could become flexible, smaller in size. All we can do is, wait for it. Below is an infographic picturing the evolution of Mobile phones from 1973 to present and beyond. This Infographic is courtesy of FlexEnable, a leading producer in flexible electronics technology

Evolution of Mobiles
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