Asus ROG GL552JX Review – Worthy ROG Laptop

Asus ROG GL552JX

Hardcore gamers need the high end gaming laptop which can be useful for them to play the hardware hungry games. Generally, these types of laptops come with a huge price tag. But, this is not the case with the Asus ROG GL552JX. This high end gaming laptop from Asus has got many features inbuilt and that too in the comfortable price. Let’s take the short sneak peek into the features of Asus ROG GL552JX:

Asus ROG GL552JX


Asus ROG GL552JX has inherited the design and properties of how ROG laptops look like. Asus has tried to keep the cost to its minimum but they have made the quite changes in the design. The lid is made up of plastic and it is silver plated with ROG logo on the top. Also, the plate imitates aluminum look from the distance but when you touch it will show it is not made up of aluminum. Apart from the design it got 15.6 inch screen, a webcam camera and Asus logo at the bottom end. Asus ROG GL552JX has an option of adding in SSD, they don’t give the laptop with inbuilt SSD, they give you the slot, you could buy it and add it for better startup time. Also, there is an option for HDD, this makes the laptop future proof.


The profile of this notebook is not thick at all; the 32.4 mm thickness is enough to say all about it. So, it proves that it has got good heat dispersing capabilities. The left side of the notebook contains one HDMI, one VGA port, two USB 3.0 ports, and LAN. The right side of the notebook got two 3.5 mm jack for headphones, one USB 2.0 port, and external microphone. Along with these, ASUS has put the optical drive at your disposal and SD card reader at the front end.



The keyboard of the notebook has got the good finish but it gives quite nasty feeling. The smooth surface for the keyboard is perfectly made for the gamers. The touch is quite a letdown over here. The touch gives the wobbling effect and you can’t get used to the left and right points of the touch.

The notebook looks like a ROG product but it doesn’t give you the feeling of the ROG product. ASUS has tried to keep it costs minimum and the touchpad’s are completely let down over here.


Asus ROG GL552JX vs Lenovo Y50/Y50-70

This must be a tough comparison since both are of similar specifications. GL552JX costs 70K INR, while Y50-70 costs 80K INR, in eCommerce sites. Y50-70 isn’t worth the extra 10K, instead, you could buy a SSD and mount in GL552JX. Y50-70 has a better GPU, but that doesn’t make much of a difference. Let’s not forget Y50-70 too has 8GB SSD. User reviews of Y50-70 had mentioned that, the laptop’s display is slightly of less quality in terms of brightness and picture colors. If I was given the option to choose between these 2 laptops, I’d have gone for Asus ROG GL552JX, since it’s quite cheaper and came out recently.



Still, the Asus GL552JX-CN009H is the best in its zone. Tough, it doesn’t offer you much in terms of contrast and brightness. But, the accurate measure of the colors is good at different viewing angles. The touchpad are complete letdown but they have good interiors and good g=for gamers options. Also, the response time of the notebook is not made for the gamers who like to play the high end shooting game, but it suits for other types of games.


The other advantage of this notebook is that it offers you 8 GB of RAM and 1 TB of HDD which is sufficient to play the high end hardware eating games. These is enough to say that ASUS has tried their maximum to keep the price low and include all the features.


  1. I am such a game addict myself and I am in constant need of a high end gaming laptop so I think your suggestion is just perfect for me. I love its appearance and hardware profile so Asus ROG GL552JX is definitely worth it.

  2. Feeling good because I am also a hardcore gamer. Great review about Asus ROG GL552JX laptop. I want this laptop, so going to deal. And you did it easy to find one best lappy for me. Thanks a lot with great wishes. Keep your site updated, because i am your new visitor. I want learn more about latest laptop. Can you please suggest a good one before it.

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