OnePlus Two: What we know so far and Expectations

OnePlus 2 Featured Image

The OnePlus One was the first product to be launched from the company, but it didn’t disappoint any of the users because of its high end specs and the price it offered. Now, it’s time for the One Plus 2, the expectations are already high for this device because of its predecessor. Let’s have the quick sneak peek into the features of OnePlus 2:

  1. Low Price

The selling point of the OnePlus One was the price tag. It came almost half of the price when compared to other flagship. All the features in half of the price tag are the fair deal. Pete Lau, CEO of OnePlus tweeted that OnePlus 2 will be priced under 450$.

  1. Premium Build

The obvious choice for the OnePlus 2 will be metal, but we would be happy to see something made of bamboo. Last time the manufacturing of the bamboo cover was discontinued but this time if they make it standard it would be fantastic to crave for.

OnePlus 2 Design

  1. Removable battery

The disadvantage of the OnePlus One was the irreplaceable battery, but this time we can expect the removable battery in OnePlus 2. Because, it allows you to change the battery if it wears out rather replacing the whole phone. Most flagships have a non-removable one. Well, a removable one doesn’t hurt anything.

  1. MicroSD card slot

The slot for the memory card in the OnePlus One was missing, but we can expect in OnePlus 2. It gives the freedom to the users to expand the memory. Hence, the limitation in the memory will be removed. Also, if not the slot for the memory card, the internal memory should be expanded.

  1. Screen size

OnePlus One came with the 5.5 inch display screen, you can expect the same screen size as it’s anyhow the bigger screen to use. You can also expect the OHD display to save the battery life, but the screen size should be slightly smaller. Also, the contrast reproduction can be customized in this device.

OnePlus 2 Processor

  1. Better specs

OnePlus One was loaded with the 2.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon 801 processor and 3GB RAM which was the most powerful configuration last year. But, the things are changed in a year and it is the time for the octa-core processor. So, this new device can manage to keep up the pace in this fast competitive environment. Also, they managed to pull out the 4GB of RAM with Snapdragon 810 SoC (latest v2.1 revision)

  1. Better camera

OnePlus was loaded with the 13MP camera, which was more than enough for the photo lovers. But, they should try to fix the autofocus by the software optimization or adding the automatic autofocus. The optical image stabilization and the better megapixel will be lovable. MKBHD made out a video reviewing OnePlus 2 camera and also featured some pictures taken with OnePlus 2.

  1. Finger Print Reader

OnePlus 2 will sport a Finger print sensor, which phones like HTC One M9 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S6 already possess. This feature becomes a must to make the phone challenging while compared with other flagships.

OnePlus 2 FingerPrint

  1. Better UI

OnePlus One was the worthy mention for the powerful UI named as CyanogenMod, which on the surface looked closer to the Android device. But we can expect OxygenOs to be loaded in the OnePlus 2.

  1. USB Type-C

OnePlus 2 will be featuring a USB Type C port, a reversible designed one which also improves the charging time. OnePlus quoted in Reddit during AMA that it would sport a new charge with a possibly longer charge cable.

With the news received so far, OnePlus 2 seems to be a promising device because of it’s low price and high features. They also mentioned that their Invite system will be far more simpler than OnePlus One’s. That messed up OnePlus One’s sales. Everything seems to be good, only thing is to wait for the VR Launch on 27th. Stay tuned, we’ll keep you updated.


  1. One of my cousins has been using the OnePlus One for a while and I just loved his phone. While thinking to buy one for myself, OnePlus Two came out and the reviews are saying good so far. Can’t wait to get one for myself.

  2. OnePlus Two is the one of the best smartphone that is available in low price that’s why I love this phone because whatever you need in this have.
    Thanks for sharing.

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