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For some people, the morning starts only after they have taken a sip from their cup of tea. All across India, the scenario is the same. In one hand you will find a cup of tea and on the other hand there is a newspaper. This is something that hasn’t changed for ages. No matter how fast our life has become due to the presence of smartphones or laptops or other electronic gadgets. Our mornings still remain the same and during this point of time we love to relax and savor the taste of our morning tea along with the breaking news of the day. It seems like in the coming days also it won’t change a bit. Here is Beveragewala to change your boozy mornings.

So, it is important that we have the premium brand of coffee or tea in the morning. It will help us soothe our senses as well as nerve and will infuse loads of energy to spend our day cheerfully. In order to help you with the selection of premium brands of beverages right at the comfort of your house, Manish Hada and his wife Puja Hada have come up with Beveragewala. Your own beverage e-commerce site from where you can order your preferred cup of tea. They have different kinds of tea and coffee choices for you. More than 35 brands are there for your selection.

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Healthy beverage choices

Nowadays tea is not restricted to only milk tea and black tea, instead you will find different kinds of tea like the Green tea, Oolong Tea, Red Tea, Herbal Tea, White Tea, Peach Ice Tea, etc. You will also find Darjeeling Tea and Assam Tea in here as well. If you prefer loose tea in place of the tea bags, then also there are different preferences of that as well. 365 variants of Loose Tea options are there and in case you want to enjoy the mobility of tea bags, then you have 457 variants to choose from. The site has a pretty simple navigation and you can choose from the options of Ceylon Tea, African Tea, Chinese Tea, Himalayan Tea, European Tea, English Tea, Japanese Tea, Kashmiri Tea, Nilgiri Tea, etc. Are you one of those experimental tea lovers? Then here is good news for you, has choices of flavored tea for you starting from Black Current to the known Cardamom or lemon. You can select any flavor of your choice and you will be made available different options of that.


What’s inside it?

Once you land up in their website, you will feel like exploring the site more and more. It is like a treasure hunt for the beverage lovers. There are so many goodies to choose from. Moreover, the is also associated with some coupon websites, availing which will lower the price even more. So, what are you waiting for? If you are a tea lover or a coffee lover, then you can just hop in there and dig in deep to find the favorite cup of tea or coffee for you.


  1. Anirudh this is definitely something very exciting. An online beverages shop may definitely be able to gain success. It is something new, but with time we may see that many such startups will try their best to get success. Keep writing about more startups as it motivates me to come with my own startup.

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