Getting Started with Social Media Marketing

Social Media

Social media marketing doesn’t always have to be complicated at all. As the name suggests, social media is all about being social. Today’s best social networking platforms allow you to connect with your users directly while at the same time share valuable content that will attract new audiences. To get started, here are a few quick tips you can use.

Brand Your Social Media Pages

One of the very first things to do when you are plunging into the world of social media marketing is to actually brand your social media pages. After creating your profiles, start adding design elements that give users the same experience as when they are visiting your site.

Social Media

Be sure to keep the design of your social media pages consistent as well. You are limited to a certain set of elements depending on which social network you use, but you can always have the same avatar or profile picture and a matching header to go along with it.

Make a List Post

Social media users simply love list posts. Instead of writing long articles about how to use your products or services, try making a list of things users can do with them. The list post will be much more appealing when shared through social media.

List posts also have better chances of going viral when shared through the correct social networking sites. Create a funny list users will enjoy and share the link through Twitter. You will be amazed by how many responses you get in return.

Top 10 List Post

Don’t forget to engage your users as well. There will be replies and questions posted by other users on the social media platform. By responding to these engagements, you are creating a strong social media presence.

Keep Your Titles Strong

One of the things you will face when focusing on social media marketing efforts is users’ reluctance to actually read the whole article. They tend to respond to the title you post on the social media itself. This is exactly why having a catchy, strong title when posting links to an article is a necessity.

Social Media Marketing

Companies such as even have great copywriters that focus on making catchy social media posts. These posts are specifically tailored to your audience. If you want to reach more audience and create a huge impact, working with a reputable SEO agency could be an option.

Give and You Shall Receive

Social media is also about sharing. Don’t go around trying to sell your products and services directly. This will only discourage your followers and prevent you from reaching a broader audience.

Instead of trying to sell your products directly, write contents that relate well to the products and services you are marketing. A how-to article on how to benefit from your product and a general article about the industry are great places to start. Once you start reaching new audience and gaining traction, you can begin to introduce your products and services more. By giving quality content, you will receive great engagements in return.

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