Crossy Road: Loads of Fun for Free

Crossy Road

Are you a gaming expert? Do you want to put your skill to test? Play Crossy Road. Geared to test your alertness and hand-eye coordination, Crossy Road is packed with fun and entertainment. The game makes one of the most exhilarating activities online, allowing you to forget about your worries and have a great time. The challenge is to cross roads, gardens and various other areas and make progress without hitting into hurdles. If your player is hit by cars, vans or other obstacles he will die instantly.

Pay nothing

Crossy Road game online is entirely free. It means that to enjoy this game you don’t have to pay anything. Just go online and start playing Crossy Road straight away. Compared to various popular paid games, this one promises a lot more fun. It’s the sheer fun of getting across roads, rivers and railway tracks without hitting the threats around is what makes this game so much entertaining. You may die hundreds of time but where there is a will there is a way. You can start again and never give up. In fact, the addictive quality of this game makes it highly exciting and can give adrenaline rushes to games across the planet.


Great visuals

Many people compare Crossy Road to Frogger, but you must know that it is much more entertaining than Frogger. The game’s striking visuals makes it stand apart from other games of similar themes. Though some find the graphics very simple, it’s the plain visuals packed with a wonderful perspective that never let you take your eyes off.

Simple controls

Just as all the best games, the controls of Crossy Road are very simple. If you play this game on your laptop you need to use the arrows to move to different directions. Gamers who play Crossy Road on their phones need to tap to move forward and swipe to go down, left or right. But in these simple controls you need to act vigilantly and prove your eye-hand coordination.

Crossy Road

Lots of characters

Crossy Roads also allows you to unlock lots of characters. You really don’t have to stick to one but to get your hands on other character’s you need to work hard.

Endless challenge

The real fun of Crossy Road is that you never want to give up. Each time your player dies you can start afresh with an all new spirit saying ‘hey I won’t give up!’ The more you play this game the sooner you will become an expert in it. So get online and discover Crossy Road – it has all that a perfect online game should have.

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  1. Anirudh thanks for making us know about Cross Road game. I mostly play games on my Android smartphone. I may soon play this game on PC. Visuals seem to be attractive and simple controls may make many people enjoy this game.

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