How to Use Spy Earpiece in Exams

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Wondering how to trespass your high tech, top secret communicator device to the exam hall? Let us give you a few tips on how to complete your exam stealth mission successfully. Spy earpiece is your ultimate savior in the toughest examinations and such situations. Rely on for best spy earpiece usage tips and secrets.

Buy the right device for your need

Before starting anything, it is always advisable to do a little research on available spy earpiece models. There are various types of spy earpieces with varying sizes and functionalities. Choose the best and most suitable spy earpiece set for your need so that there will be no disappointments when using the device. Choose a small spy earpiece that hides in your ear with no problem. If it is stuck halfway or if it is too loose for a firm grip, situation will be problematic when you are using it.

Online Student

Get ready for the mission!

The question now is how to take it into the exam hall. There is no problem with the earpiece. You can conceal it in your ear. The GSM signal receiver which works as your phone takes some space. You can easily keep it in your pocket, but make sure no one ever sees it. It can transmit clear sound signals to your earpiece and take reverse within a range of half a meter. This is a comfortable distance between your ear and your pocket.

It is always better to connect to your secret exam helper at least 5 minutes before entering the exam hall. Make sure you don’t speak too much, or else people around you will easily notice you talking in to the air and make you look suspicious. Rechargeable battery of the spy earpiece set works for many hours giving you the opportunity to stay connected to your partner without a problem.

As soon as the exam starts, you can start asking for your friend’s help. Make sure you speak everything in the lowest voice possible. Your earpiece includes a high sensitive microphone that can capture even the slightest hiss.

However, it is always better and advisable to have a few practice sessions with your friend to ensure everything goes smoothly in the exam. Good luck passing the hardest exams in your life!

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