How to Improve Mobile Reception


What are mobile signals?

All 2G, 3G and 4G LTE signals are commonly known as mobile signals, which fall under the microwave signals range in the electro-magnetic spectrum. Mobile signals follow line of sight propagation, meaning the wave forms cannot penetrate obstacles, which stand on the line of propagation from one tower to another or form a tower to a mobile device. Hence issues like call drops, interference of broadband signals are common in cities having tall buildings, mountain areas etc. Apart from such obstructions there are many other reasons that lead to poor signal receptions. Natural phenomena such as solar spots and solar wind, rain, dew, snow fall, humidity, the distance between the recipient and transmitter are some of the key issues that lead to low signal levels and interruptions.

Mobile phone signal boosters are used in such instances to boost the mobile network’s signal levels.

How to choose the best Booster to suite your needs

Mobile signal booster comes in different brands with different capacities. There are repeaters or boosters that are capable of boosting one frequency where as others are able to boost multiple frequency signals. When the former is more cost effective, the latter tends to become more expensive due to its multi-frequency boosting capability. If you are to pick the most suitable signal repeater, answer the following three questions before hitting the store.


  1. What are the careers (frequencies) and networks do you want to boost? For 4G/LTE network you need booster for 4G
  2. How is the current signal strength of the careers you need to boost?
  3. What is the approximate area the booster is expected to cover?

Once you gain a rough idea on teh above three aspects, you are equipped with the knowledge you need to converse with any sales person in a store.

Another piece of information that can be useful when selecting a mobile phone signal booster is the type of the antenna. It best for you to go for an omnidirectional antenna if your need is to amplify multiple careers. Because an Omni antenna could grasp signals that comes from all directions.

Amplifier 2

On the other hand, if you need to amplify just one career yagi directional antennas is the best choice. These antennas are aligned in the direction of the closest cell tower to offer you stronger signal levels.

Follow the above simple instructions to reap the best out of the money spent on a signal booster.

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