All Rumors about HTC One M9

HTC One M9 is the most awaited smartphone this year, but we know little about this upcoming smartphone. HTC One M8 was listed in the top 10 smartphones last year where iPhone 6 wasn’t able to make it in the list. So, keeping this point in view we can expect something amazing in this smartphone. So, there is always an improvement in technology what we have seen in HTC One M8, we can expect some of the features below in this smartphone.

A better camera

When we saw in HTC One M8, the image captured was although perfect, but in brighter conditions, it adds up the noise a bit which causes over-exposure. Although, it got 4MP sensor, but the noise added loose all the focus of its camera. So, in HTC One M9 we need better sensors to adapt in brighter conditions and even a bit more megapixels.

Battery life

HTC One M8 had the great battery life, but other smartphones, which were launched same year had its beat. HTC One M8 was able to make it to the second day, but at the end of the day it used to get completely dead. So, if HTC One M9 should make it to the second day.

HTC One M9
HTC One M9 Leaked rear body

Sapphire screen

Obviously, this phone is going to be a bit expensive then how about the sapphire glass screen. iPhone 6 wasn’t able to make it happen, but if HTC One M9 make it happen then it could be the added advantage to their side.

QHD display

HTC One M8 had a good looking screen, but it was not the QHD screen, whereas the other competitors made it happen and they got the GHD display screen in the mainstream. So, if the HTC One M9 doesn’t bring the QHd screen to the picture, then it can hurt their sellers.

Some of the fitness apps

Nowadays, smartphones are the essential components in our life and they are with us like our friends or trainers. So, we always use some of the official apps to keep us fit as what most of the smartphones do. As, you know Apple has Health app, Samsung have S Health app, and it’s time where HTC get some app for the fitness purpose.

HTC One M9 Leak

Dust and water resistance

In this huge technology field, we will always try to keep our smartphones safe from water and dust. Obviously, you don’t have to throw it into the water, but you would atleast expect it to survive from spills of water. Now, Sony and Samsung both have got the water resistivity so HTC has no excuse to bring it in the mainstream.

Category 6 LTE

All the phones have 4G LTE equipped facility, but now we expect 6 LTE from HTC One M9 to support the higher speed. This can help HTC to stand out of the competition.


HTC has to bag lots of improvement in the technology purpose in order to make it to list of top smartphones this year as their competition has gone way far in terms of technology so they have to come up with some unique ideas in order to stand out of the competition.


  1. Yeah i am also looking forward to buy it i have been using HTC phone for last two years. And i am really excited to M9. Could you tell me how much it will be cost of it ?

  2. Very excited about this phone 🙂 When is an official announcement expected? Also looking forward to the announcement of the Samsung S6 next week in Barcelona

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