Domcop: Best Tool to find Expiring/Expired Domains

Basically, DomCop is the best recommendation for those who are looking to aquire top notch expiring domains quickly. The best part about their service is that they can sort based on standard SEO metrics that ensures you pick the best among the bunch. They collect the API information from various top sources like MajesticSEO. In short, this is the way through which you can avoid the hectic experience of finding out a high PR expiring domain.

There are many methods out there for the process though, but no one can bring you results as efficiently as DomCop.

Aspects to consider before going for expired domain

Prior to going for this sort of service, you basically need to consider various aspects, like Domain Authority that gives you a report on how a site acts in SERPs, Page Authority that is quite similar as of DA in terms of comparison, Citation Flow that can rank a domain in terms of back links, Trust Flow that tells about the associated links, and Page Rank. You can also take a dig at the history of site through WayBack machine.

Domcop Pricing
Domcop Pricing


How DomCop can be effective:

Many filtering options caution you of domains with fake ranks

DomCop is the platform through which you can consider all the above aspects of site prior going for it within a very short while. It lists domains from many popular sources like GoDaddy. It can tell about the false page ranks as well. There are multiple filters to filter using different metrics like Page Rank.

Making searches more specific to gain advantage:

DomCop lets you create searches based on your need. It is the best tool for those who are not aware of the tricks needed to find the expired domains. It gathers information from dropped lists, pending delete awaiting, etc and combines them into a better list for you to choose from. Through this process you can save most of your precious time and money.

Domcop Filter

Metric are flexible:

You can really bag domains with excellent parameters like organic traffic, etc at much affordable prices. Whether you prefer Alexa rank, SEMrush rank, TrustFlow, or any other metric, DomCop has every available metric for you. It keeps you updated regularly when you pick a particular domain. There is also an advanced search that can offer you a better result.

Final Verdict

Domcop assists you in getting the domains that best suit your needs. Remember that it doesn’t sell the domains. Making money through internet/blogging is quite exciting, but need loads of knowledge and tricks. That’s the reason many are not able to continue and survive in long run. Being a little smart, you can get better domains through DomCop and save your crucial time.

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  1. I was thinking to buy a good domain for my new project but now, how to find it. So, want to thanks to you for giving me such nice tool information.

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