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We all know that theater provides you with the ultimate experience of the movie, but now there are several sites available online that provides you with excellent quality video streaming. If you are worried about pirated movies, then don’t be. There are some sites, which provide you with licensed movies, so you don’t run into the risk of clicking on a spam link or view a pirated version of some movie. Mostly, people use torrent to download the movie of their choice, but it is not the only place where you will get licensed movies. In fact, there is another site, which is known as where you will find more than 650 licensed movies to select from. It is free to watch the movies here and it is completely legal too, so you don’t have to worry much about brushing the law on the wrong side.

Some useful features of WatchMovieStream

Now that your interest level is growing about this new site, which is still in beta version, let’s give out some key features that will help you decide for yourself about the site.


Once you land there you will see that some of the movies are listed on the homepage already and just on top of that, numbers and alphabets are present. You can either make your selection alphabetically or you can opt for other sorting out processes.

  • Completely legal and free of cost – The films that are present here are all public domain and has the proper license for online streaming, so you see, it is completely legal. If you are accessing this site, then you are not committing any crime, instead you can watch your favorite movies online for free. You will not be asked to open an account to watch movies for free, instead you can avail free movies at any point of time without being worried about the legal aspect.
  • Hundreds of movies – You will be able to enjoy almost 664 licensed movies, to be precise. Don’t think that they only have a license for the old movies and the most recent ones will not feature here because they have huge collection of movies starting from 1950 to 2014.
  • Other than movies – They have not restricted themselves only to movie streaming, instead you will also be able to enjoy clips, related videos and official trailers of forthcoming films. This has been made possible through its partners like Daily Motion, IMDB and YouTube. They only deal with licensed films while streaming online.
  • Sorting out made easy – Now when you are looking for a particular genre, then you can straight take the cursor to the option of ‘full movies’ that is present at the top and it will display all the genre. So, here you will get Action, adventure, Comedy, Drama, Horror, Romance and Thriller, etc. in the genre section. You will also be able to sort your movies by the year as well. On the right hand side, you will be provided with the options of movies that you might like. It also has the options of ‘Most Viewed Movies’ and ‘Full Movies You Might Like’ to help you in finding the right kind of movie for you.
  • Tweeting or pinning made possible – If you like any film, then you can pin or tweet the movie, so that your friends can also enjoy the film. Not just that, even rating and reviewing of the film can also be published.
  • Sneak peek into movies – If you haven’t heard of the movie, then you can go through the synopsis and the genre of the movie to decide whether you want to watch it or not.

This is one great website where you can watch movies of your choice without worrying about anything. The website is loaded with hundreds of movies that you can experience free of cost.


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