Top SmartPhones to expect in 2015

One Plus Two Concept

The smartphone line-up for 2015 promises to bring us devices better than any we have seen so far.  Refined looks, better hardware, faster performance and stronger batteries are just a few notable things worth a mention. Next year also marks the transition of Android using 64-bit processors thanks to the manufacturer Qualcomm who has designed a line of 64-bit chips ranging from low end to the best of the best processors available. Whatever your choice of phone – whatever they are used for, the tech market is bigger than ever with more and more being added at a rate of knots – iot is not always easy to keep up with at all! I know we get confused on a regular basis!

Next year also marks new manufacturers hitting the smartphone market offering phones that rivals the best by today’s standards. Below is our top pick of the phones to look out for in 2015.


Expected release date: May 2015

The LG G4 is expected to be the first phone to launch with an in-house chip designed by LG, and continue in the footsteps of its predecessor the LG G3. They are continuing to improve on the 5.5″ Quad HD display formula which was a weaker point of the G3.


The G4 out of the box has 4GB of Ram, 21MP camera with 4K video, 5.7 inch screen and one of Qualcomms new quad core processors. LG has also made a point of marketing their phones at slightly lower prices than their rivals, so we expect LG to continue in the same fashion of offering high end tech at affordable prices.

OnePlus Two

Expected release date: April 2015

One Plus Two Concept

The OnePlus One was announced earlier this year and showed us how Chinese smartphone developers can do the impossible. Making flagship-grade smartphones with the price tag of a mid-range smartphone. The company is rumoured to be a spin-off of Oppo. The original OnePlus One was originally developed more so for the actual hype surrounding it than the importance of the mass user. They had a barrel full of mishaps from sexist marketing campaigns and a confusing front end software. Hopefully the company have learned from the mistakes of the OnePlus One and the OnePlus Two will offer us a flagship grade phone at the price of a mid-ranged smartphone.

Moto X (2015 edition)

Expected release date: September 2015

The Motorola Moto X started a whole new chapter for Motorola with the help of Google in 2013, and while it is not a mind blowing technological wonder it had offered vast customization options. You could customize its colour and design material to name a few. Two good things happened for Motorola this year, one being that Lenovo had actually acquired Motorola and the up rise of the Android OS has caused them to up their game offering specs on par with high end phones. It will be interesting to see what Lenovo has to offer with the 2015 edition of the Motorola X.

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