Tips to Improve your WiFi Signal Strength

Improve WiFi Signal Strength

For me, Internet is more important than food or water, just kidding. But wait a sec, we are not here to discuss about me. So let’s come to the topic; how one can enhance WiFi signals. Basically everyone is having a WiFi at his house and actually it is becoming a need for everyone to connect almost all devices like smartphones, Computer, laptop and other cool stuff.

The main problem which is faced by almost everyone is that the signals weaken whenever you move away from WiFi. Well that’s really serious problem as people are not able to use their smartphones in the Bathroom!

Moving on, the amount of WiFi signals weakening depends on the type of home you have. For example: if you are having a home with lots of walls then it is for sure you may not get good strength for WiFi. Many times it happens that signal bounce from the walls due to which you can’t get good signals once again.  And you can’t get good signal only because of this thing.

This would be you when the WiFi signal is too weak :3

Here are few working tips to improve your WiFi Signal Strength:

  • Interference with your WiFi signal is a big problem which weakens the WiFi signal. So, your home must be inundated from others signals and WiFi connection.
  • Sometimes your router needs firm updates. The hardware can be improved with the software.
  • One of the most important way is simply tweaking your wireless network.
    Place your router device at a place where the signals can directly reach the wireless device or maximum effectiveness. As radio waves are best for strengthening the WiFi signals, and they travel latterly so router device should be placed on the top of the roof.
  • The device should be kept away from the microwaves ovens and other electronic devices in order to get strong signals and to protect the device from damage.
  • It should also be kept away from power cords, computer wires and halogen lamps as these wires and waves usually interfere with the radio reception.
  • Use a repeater or wireless bridge to make your expectation even bigger. If you are at a distance from wireless access point, install a wireless signal repeater. In order to get maximum strength of the signals, place the repeater half way between the computer and wireless device.
  • WEP and WPA/WPA2 are security algorithms which keep hackers from breaking into your wireless network. WEP usually stands for wireless equivalent privacy .It is less secure then WPA. So one should change the settings from WEP to WPA.
  • You should limit the number of devices, your WiFi support by creating a device access list of MAC addresses.
  • Don’t publicize your network name. Always Go to your access point’s admin page and uncheck “Enable SSID Broadcast in the settings.

That’s it, follow these tips and let us know if those work and comment if you know some more working tips too.


  1. I used to have slow sped via wifi and donno whats happenning ? After reading teh guide i disabled the ssid broadcast and changed the name and passwprd bam getting back normal speed. I think someone is using my wifi thanks a lot for this awesome guide.

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