AOMEI Partition Assistant Software Review

AOMEI Partition Assistant

Partition is not an easy task and if you are a novice, then things become even more complicated for you. The worse might happen to you in the process of carrying out the partition and that is you might end up losing all the important data. But, due to this very reason, it is always advised that no matter how good you are with the system, it is always better to go for a proper backup before you go for the partition or for that matter any such thing. Now, not everybody can be a pro, so it is better to make use of easy to use software, which will guide you through the whole process. Keeping all these things in mind, AOMEI has come up with this amazing software, which will help not only the novice, but also the experts alike. If you like to create as well as resize the partitions, expand the size or try to merge in multiple drives can easily turn to this software and it will pose to be a great help for one and all. The jobs that you want to complete will be done in a jiffy and this has been made possible because this software will allow accomplishing various tasks at a go. The Pro Edition comes with a price tag, but if you want to try out the demo first, then it will restrict all your work to the disks only and that too the maximum size that you can work on is 100MB, which includes the adjustment made to partition size as well.

AOMEI Partition Assistant

Easy user interface and installation

The installation process of the AOMEI Partition Assistant is a piece of cake for anybody and it really doesn’t matter if you are doing this for the first time. The downloading and installing process is as easy as 1-2-3. Moreover, you will just have to follow the instructions that pop up and you will be done in a minute or so. The best part of this software is that you will get the details about the software that you are about to use, including the features. Therefore, after going through those features you can decide for yourself whether you want to go ahead with this software or you want to revert back. You don’t need to do much except for clicking on the next button and checking the circle that agrees with the terms and conditions.


Now the installation is complete and it is time to use the software. This time around the partition assist software edition has come up with intuitive wizards that help in the completion of maximum numbers of tasks and it also helps in reducing the workload entirely. This partition utility is believed to support almost every hard disk that is being recognized by the Windows, including SATA, USB disks (external), IDE, Hardware RAID, etc.

Several interesting features of the software

The Partition Assistant manages the disk partition successfully because of the amazing features that it possesses. With the help of this software you won’t have to restart the computer for extending the system partition of NTFS. Apart from that, if you are thinking about optimizing the management of disk space efficiently, then you will be able to do that by resizing and moving the partition.

Installation 2

Moreover, the creation, deletion and formatting of the partition are being made possible by this software without any major hitches. You can now convert your file system to NTFS from FAT, and that too quite easily. If you have been dealing with some sensitive data and don’t want them to be accessed by anybody once you are done with them, then you can go for the deletion, which is anti – recovery. You can wipe off all the sensitive data from your system and you can be sure about one thing that it won’t be accessed by anybody using the recovery software too. Now you are done with a partition, but you want to expand it, so how do you do that? Fret not, when you have Partition Assistant by your side. It will help you with step by step expansion of the selected partition. You can also merge in two partitions or more than that with elan. Repartition is also made possible just by dragging and dropping the mouse on your disk panel. You can carry out all your work in high speed and that too without committing any error.


AOMEI Partition Assistant is one of those rare combinations of high on performance and low on price software with several useful and advanced features incorporated in it.

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