LTE could change your SmartPhone Usage


Superfast LTE technology has arrived, and is quickly spreading throughout the world. While a 3G network has a maximum speed of up to 14 mbps using HSPA+, LTE has vastly improved this with top speeds of 100 mbps. This has opened up a whole new playing field for smartphones and tablets, which can operate at lightning fast speeds. Video streaming is a cinch on a LTE device, as is gaming. Yet there are other ways that improvements to LTE Technology could change the way you use your smartphone.

  1. More useful apps

The rapid speeds of LTE or long term evolution means that app developers and users alike are able to benefit. Apps can work without relying on shaky Wi-Fi connections or getting bogged down waiting for data transfers. Multimedia streaming and uploading is speedier, with no lag time while you wait for your video to buffer. Applications can be accessed from any location, allowing employees to share large files with their colleagues even at a distance. Productivity can be enhanced, and apps can become increasingly complex.

  1. Improved vocal quality of calls

Another use for LTE technology is with voice over LTE networks. A VoLTE service allows a wireless provider to transmit voice calls using the same method that they transmit data. Rather than using circuit-based networks, calls are transmitted the same way that emails or social media messages are. This provides a number of benefits to the consumer. For example, if you place a call using a VoLTE service you can expect to enjoy a crystal clear connection. Calls are transmitted using a higher quality compression method, leading to faster speeds and clearer vocal connections. We can expect to see more providers offering VoLTE services in the future.


  1. Enhanced security networks

Another way that your smartphone use could change thanks to LTE technology is in terms of security. If you’re wary about using online banking services or making purchases over your phone due to fear of your data being tracked on an insecure network, you can breathe easier if you’re using a LTE connection. LTE carries encrypted data communication and 128-bit authentication, making it potentially safer than public Wi-Fi networks as well as 3G.

  1. Potential for mobile healthcare

With healthcare networks stretched around the world, many providers are looking for ways to cut costs and improve convenience. With LTE networks, data can be sent at real-time speeds back and forth. Phones are also being outfitted with an increased number of sensors, which can lead to the potential for a mobile healthcare system. Patients could potentially connect with their physicians for real-time video consultations, using the lightning fast LTE network.


  1. Avoidance of network glitches

The next phase of LTE technology could be LTE Direct, which allows smartphones to communicate directly with one another. This eliminates the need to communicate via cellular towers. Phones can communicate with other devices as well as beacons located in businesses instead. This could prevent the network from stalling out if a large volume of users are trying to connect at the same time to the same tower, which can be extremely helpful in large crowds or emergency situations.

LTE Technology is changing the way that we use our phones already, and with the development of new apps and features like LTE Direct we could see an even greater improvement in mobile capabilities.

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