Oppo R5 vs Oppo N3: Battle of the Slimmest

Oppo N3

There are already quite a few smartphones in the market, which is doing great business and now that Oppo is bringing in the new versions, users will be spoilt with choices. Oppo has come out with two new devices, one is the N3 and the other one is the R5. One is touted as the slimmest phone, whereas the other one is considered to be the smartest. With just 4.85 mm thickness, R5 is the slimmest of all and N3 is considered to be the smartest because of all the features that has been incorporated in it. Prior to this, Gionee Elife S 5.5 was the title holder of the slimmest phone, but now the crown rests on Oppo. One of the most interesting features of N3 is that it has a swivelling camera which you can turn up to 206 degree angle.

Notable Features:


These two touchscreen devices have two things in common and that is, the battery of both these phones are non removable and both have the same screen size, that is 5.5 inches. Apart from these, they also have the capacitive touchscreen with a resolution of 1080*1920 pixels.

Oppo N3
Oppo N3


The processor used by Oppo N3 is 2.5 GHz quad core processor, but the R5 makes use of 1.5 GHz octa – core processor. Even the make of the processor is quite different because one uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 whereas the other one opted for the Qualcomm Snapdragon. Both of them uses Android 4.4 operating system.


Oppo N3 provides its users with an expandable storage, even when it has a moderate internal storage of 32GB. A microSD external storage type is available in Oppo N3 with expandable storage to the extent of 128 GB.

Oppo R5
Oppo R5


The rear camera and front camera of N3 is of 16 MP, but the R5 has 13 MP rear camera and only 5 MP of front camera. N3 doesn’t have the Java support, but R5 boasts of having it. Even the browser support Flash is also not present in N3, but R5 do have it in the device for the users.

Price in India

The price of Oppo N3 is Rs. 41,000, whereas the price of Oppo R5 is Rs. 31,000.

The battery capacity of Oppo N3 is 3000 mAh, whereas the battery capacity of R5 is only 2000 mAh. Oppo N3 is only available in white color, but the R5 comes in two colors, silver and gold.

Now, depending on your preference and requirement, you can opt for one of them. Both are quite good, but with slight differences. If you love to click almost everything, then Oppo N3 will be the perfect choice with such a high MP camera. With so many smartphones already doing the round in the market, it will be interesting to see how these two model performs and whether it is able to win the hearts of users or not. The war is heating up with each passing day as the users are making their own choices.

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