Nokia N1 vs Nexus 9: Clash of the Tablets

Nokia N1 vs Nexus 9

Nokia is said to launch its Lollipop powered tablet, N1, in February next year and it is said to put up a stiff competition to Google’s Nexus 9. This is mainly due to the reason that N1 is priced almost half of Nexus 9’s cheapest model. But, if you are thinking that low price means you will be missing out on major features or you will have to be satisfied with older Android version, then you are completely wrong, because Nokia N1 boasts of some coolest features with latest updates.

Design and display

The weight of Nokia N1 is 318g as compared to Nexus 9’s 425g, so it is not only light on your pocket, but is also light on your wrist too. Nokia, for the first time is trying its hand with the Android tablet, but by the look of it you won’t get disappointed because it comes with complete aluminium design and Intel chip of 64 – bit. Whereas, Nexus 9 on the other hand, comes with a cheap plastic feel which is not that robust at all. The only similarity in the design is that both have almost identical back and front panels along with camera placements and button. The display of Nexus 9 (8.9 inches) is bigger than that of Nokia N1 (7.9 inches) diagonally, but when it comes to protection from scratches, both have Gorilla Glass 3 protecting their screen.


Nokia comes with quad core 2.3 GHz Intel Atom Z3580 chip compared to Nexus 9’s dual core Nvidia Tegra K1 processor, but it is expected that both the tablets will put a great performance.

Nokia N1 vs Nexus 9


You will enjoy 8 MP rear camera in both the tablets, but N1 has come up with 5 MP front camera as compared to that of Nexus 9’s 1.6 MP front camera. In N1, you will not get the LED flash, which is present on Nexus 9 and one more thing is that Nexus 9 easily makes use of camera apps from Google Play Store and enhances the photography experience for the users.


Nexus 9 works extensively for more than 9 hours with 6700 mAh battery power, but Nokia N1 has only 5300 mAh battery. You will have to wait for sometime before you get to know about the battery life of N1 as Nokia is yet to announce that.

Storage Capacity

Both of them are void of external storage, so the users have to do with whatever internal storage they are provided by both the manufacturers. In this case, Nokia N1 has only one choice of 32 GB, whereas, Nexus 9 users will have two options to choose from, one is the 16GB option and the other one is the 32GB option.

Final thoughts

Nokia N1 will surely give Nexus 9 a run for their money because N1 is offering features that are almost at par with Nexus 9, but the price that is quoted for N1 is much lesser when compared to that of Nexus 9. So, it is upto you to select depending on your budget.


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    I`m having some wifi issues with my nexus tablet after updating to Android lollipop. It just don’t want to connect to some wifi networks. Can you help me?

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