Amazon Fire TV vs Apple TV vs Roku vs Chromecast

Watching TV

Couch potatoes will now enjoy watching TV even more than before because set top boxes are getting bigger and better with Amazon joining the race of set top box. It is trying to break into the market, with its Fire TV which is priced at $99. But it is not alone in the market; instead it faces stiff competition from Apple TV, Chromecast as well as Roku. Roku is from Netflix which offers a wide range of channels to its users and then you will find the Apple TV which was able to manage high sales even without any kind of promotion.

The other name is the Chromecast which has been one of the top sellers in Amazon’s Electronics category. Though all four are fighting hard to get all the attention from the consumers, but the fact remains that the characteristics of each TV are making them popular amongst the consumers.

Battle between all four Media Streaming Devices:

Let’s start with Amazon Fire TV. Though it has several features for its users, but the apps are only available through the official page for the product only. Moreover, when you will try to explore more and more apps, you will get to see one ‘coming soon’ message coming up. There are several important services missing in action, but the features that are present and are making all the noises are an extensive game library, game controller which is optional and will cost you $40, ASAP function helping you in launching selective videos immediately, etc. If you want to restrict the media consumption of your kids, then you can make use of Free Time options in there.

Amazon Fire TV  vs Apple TV vs Roku vs Chromecast
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Picture Quality:

These four allows you to watch HD videos on your television, but they have some distinctions as well. Amazon Fire TV as well as Apple TV has optical connections, whereas Roku 3 offers USB Port for the audio devices. If you are looking solely at the user experience or the core features, then you will find that Apple and Roku offer quite identical products. Apple and Roku will enhance your search by providing you virtual keypad of your smartphone, but that way, while watching a movie, you will have to carry an extra device. Amazon offers a voice search, which is not made available in any other set top box manufactured by other companies. This has been made possible by incorporating an in – built microphone where you will be able to say the name of the movie.


Audio apps are not present in the Amazon TV and Roku; apart from this even screen mirroring seems to be missing in case of Roku. Though you will find similar features in all of them, but then there are slight differences which have the potential to influence the decision of the consumer.

If you are comparing the four in terms of prices, then you will see that they are almost the same, but experience wise it is said that Amazon Fire TV is a better option than the other three. Let me know your views in the comments below.

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