Sharp AQUOS Crystal: The Zero Bezel Phone

Sharp Aquos Crystal Display

Ever imagined a phone without bezels, AQUOS Crystal is the one. It is a high end specs Smartphone with almost no bezels on the sides and the top. The design of this phone gives the phone a new look. The edgeless design and other features give this phone a new level of sophistication. The device holds the special reorganization among the tech community for its design and engineering!

Screen Display

The unique feature of this phone is its screen display .The screen is more superficial in this phone with 5 inches and 720*1280 pixels. The edge to edge glass on the device makes it not look like an actual phone but it makes a huge difference when compared side by side with any other Smartphone. The touch screen is multi touch with light sensor. The pixel density of this phone is amazing with 294 ppi. It has a TFT capacity touch screen with multi touch feature. The 5 inch display makes the phone look bright in outdoor conditions and also makes it a good fit in the hand.Aquos Crystal


However, the absence of bezels may make it slippery as there is no room for making grip but sacrificing this much is absolutely right in my views.


The edgeless design of this new phone shimmers like an infinity pool when you hold it in your hands. The weight of this phone is its unique feature with only 141g. Design is the factor which makes the device an acceptable choice among the users. However, the manufacturers have taken the risk of presenting a Smartphone which no one ever dared to launch and it seems most of the audience is willing to invest their bucks in a device like this.

Sharp Aquos Crystal Display

If you are thinking where is the ear piece on the device then the company has added a feature for this, the phone vibrates with the tone from the direct signals actually it’s not a feature it just acts as a replacement for the ear piece but if we talk on a daily use basis the sound don’t make any huge difference from other same range devices which is really great!


If we talk about the camera performance of the device it makes a decent effect! However the camera is an 8 MP sensor which performs decently in low lighting and the colors come very good in outdoor conditions which I think is OK because the device is manufactured to show off a new language of mobile engineering. The camera comes with most rich features which includes AF, LED flash, Panorama and much more.


Audio: Sadly, the audio side of this mobile phone doesn’t quite live up but the company has introduced an audio-enhancing tech in this high end device. It has a YouTube player which automatically plays video from YouTube.

Battery: The battery capacity is 2040 mAh, which might not seem much, but the company promises of 3 day battery back up by this phone. The battery gives a talk time of 11 hours which is quite impressive.

Connectivity: The phone has got a Bluetooth of 4.0 with high range and a wife of 802.11 with WiFi hotspot. The USB device associated with this phone is USB 2.0 with its feature of mass storage.

Sharp Aquos Crystal Hands-on

Technology: A part from its unique design and display, the technology in this phone is quite impressive. The phone has got an HD voice with others feature such as navigation and positioning the phone has got an inbuilt online services support of YouTube and Picasa.

Hardware: The hardware of this phone is a different feature among others. The system uses a snapdragon 400 with quad core processor. It has an amazing ram of 1536. With an internal memory of 8 GB but the memory can extend to 128 GB.

Thus, this impressive smart phone is going to launch in US market in October this month with a price of approximately 150$. So if you are truly searching for a smart phone with this unique design and amazing feature in such a low price this phone is best for you. Also, the company believes that this smart phone will surely have a blast in the Android market.


  1. Im impressed with this phone! I really hoped someone would bring an usb 3.0 tho, its time for ultra speed data connectivity in my opinion. would I buy it? well, if I would need a new phone right now, probably yes. The price is too good

  2. Wow! The phone looks like it is from the future, or from some futuristic sci-fi movie! I have a phoen and phable I’m satified with, btu will certainly like to try this out – it looks too attractive to resiist the temptation to own one

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