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The online industry is massive and there are enormous opportunities in this field too. College Students who have no experience can opt for online jobs these days rather than going for the offline part-time jobs. Online jobs can save their time and the expense of commuting to the work from their home. There are several simple online jobs that students without experience love and more importantly, they don’t have to spend a single penny for doing them.

There are several opportunities on the internet platform but we will only talk about the best opportunities that suit the students. Here are the Top 5 best online jobs for college graduates:

  • Take up online tasks/jobs with mTurk:

This is one of the best online jobs that can be taken up by the students. The kids that are not looking to earn real big can take up jobs at mTurk. This concept has been initiated by Amazon and with this opportunity; the students can earn in excess of $400 dollars a month. Moreover, they do not have to spend more than 2 hours each day for the job. Hence, it suits students the best.

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It carries a very simply concept. You can view an ample of simple tasks on mTurk from which you can choose the one that suits you the best. All what you need to do is sign up for the mTurk account and get started.

  • Fiverr Jobs:

Fiverr gained extreme popularity in the year 2011 and it does not seem to have an end. The growth of the company is phenomenal and anyone can make easy money through Fiverr without any hassles, especially the students. By working around 2 hours every day, the students can earn up to 300 dollars each month.

The concept of Fiverr is unique. By signing up on the website, the user can post what he can do for 5 dollars and once they are matched, services can be availed by client for the same.

  • Survey Jobs:

The easiest job for students in the current times is to handle a survey. It is a well paid job online and the user needs to simply visit the survey sites for the same. The better you work, the more money you make. There are some other websites too where you can visit and for viewing one ad, you make money.

Students with Laptop

  • Blogging:

Blogging is a common, yet very effective profession in the market at the moment. It requires the user to maintain the content over a website and then promote it online. The more the viewers and advertisements on your website, the better are the chances to earn. However, the user needs to be bit patient when it comes to earning through blogging.

  • Furnish content for websites:

The websites like and provide people with the opportunity to earn money by creating content for bloggers and websites. It is one of the best and easy ways for the students to earn money online. It is also a well paid job but the magnitude of earnings depends on your skills after all.

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